Can Somebody say, "LOSER!"? – UPDATED

I hate not having anything to write about.

Can I tell you what I did last night? I came home, heated and ate leftovers, watched Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, American Idol and SVU re-runs until I fell asleep. I have SUCH a life. Don’t be jealous.

OK, I did something else too. I obsessively called and voted for my 6 AI girls like a maniac. I have a system. I try my top 2 first (Melinda and Lakisha) to make sure their lines are busy. That tells me everyone else is voting for them, so I can get around to them when the lines clear (usually around 10:15pm). Then I go and try the ones I think everyone is going to forget about since they put the powerhouses last usually (Jordin and Sabrina). I voted a hundred times for these 2. Their lines were not that busy at all. I needed to boost their numbers. I want them to stay around. Then I had a toss up with my bottom two (Gina and Stephanie), so I tried Gina first. He line stayed busy. No one was voting for Stephanie, so I padded her votes too. I did make sure I got at least one vote in for Gina. I like her. She adds variety to the ladies’ vibe. I don’t think there have been that many female rockers. I like her a lot, maybe more than Stephanie. But I still think Steph belongs in the Top 6. Around 10:15 I got my votes in for my diva’s Melinda and Lakisha. We’ll see how things go tonight.

I know you can’t contain your envy of my wild and crazy single life. Stop hatin’!!

And we won’t even talk about how many SVU re-runs I can watch in a night.

I may be pathetic, but America is DEAF!!!! There is NO way in HELL that Sabrina and Sundance should have gone home and left SANJAYA and HALEY in the Top 12. Are you freaking KIDDING me???? Two words: singing competition. They can’t SING people. And the two that went home can BLOW. VOTE people.


3 thoughts on “Can Somebody say, "LOSER!"? – UPDATED

  1. Marathons suck me in. They’re my favorite part of any holiday if I’m home.

    Some years ago, I enjoyed Thanksgiving because it meant fX ran an X-Files marathon from noon to midnight. I took the Friday off just so I could stay up for that. Good times.

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