Whacking Your Boss and Boredom Producing Reading

I have thoroughly entertained myself this evening with this little game. I am a sick one. Go on and play. You know you want to.


On another note, I was so pleased to come home this evening and open my blinds to sunlight!!! I feel like we’re slowly emerging from the doldrums of winter. I even wore flip flops today. Partly because I’m tempting “walking pneumonia”, but mostly because I needed to wear pumps today and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable all day unnecessarily.

I have a rule on socks. April 1st – October 1st there shall be none. I’m pushing it this year, I know. It’s going to be back in the 30s next weekend. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


I went bra shopping last week. Right before being disappointed by the fact that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have the next size up (read: my size) I noticed how unbalanced I looked in the mirror. Upon further examination I noticed a golf ball sized mass under my left arm that I’d never seen before. My shopping spree came to an abrupt end. I went to the doctor the next day. He is trying a course of antibiotics first in the event that it’s an infection from shaving or a reaction from deodorant. If it doesn’t diminish, more tests. I was supposed to call him after three days. I’ve got 2 days left (out of 10) on the antibiotics and I’m afraid there hasn’t been much of a change. Maybe a slight change, but I’m not sure if it’s really gone down, or if I’ve just gotten used to it. It has me pretty worried when I think about it. So I try not to think about. I know, great plan–ignore it and hope it goes away.


I bought tons of produce this weekend. Spring makes me want to eat lots of fresh produce. Or maybe I’m trying to stock pile anti-carcinogenic foods.

This post is boring me to sleep. I hope it’s nothing. I hope it goes away. I don’t want to deal with this.


13 thoughts on “Whacking Your Boss and Boredom Producing Reading

  1. I LOVE that flash game! In fact, I emailed the link to my boss (with an assurance that I had no intention of trying any of those techniques on her). 🙂

    I hope your tests come back good… I’m thinking of ya, and I’ll be praying for ya.

  2. @ Andy

    From your mouth to God’s ears. Thanks bunches.

    And that game rocks!!! I, like you, don’t even dislike my boss. It’s just a hoot!

  3. Until more consistent good weather, can you go sockless indoors, or would that defeat the purpose?

    The golf ball didn’t hurt? I’ve had boils that size. I bandaged them in an X-shape and some combination of the heat and pressure made them burst more quickly.

  4. It’s going to be okay. Good thing you caught it and followed up immediately.

    I had one under my arm and I soaked in the hottest tub I could stand until it – well, until it was no more.

  5. @ Mist1

    I wish it were warm enough to never have to wear socks here. I hate them. I need more cute shoes that don’t require socks.

    @ ~m~

    No, actually, that’s exactly how I get my thrill in the winter. My shoes and socks come off at the door. I live barefoot.

    And, no, the golf ball doesn’t hurt at all. That’s what has me most worried. I’ve read too much WebMD and the painless lumps are the bad ones apparently.

    You and Jali both suggested heat. So did the doctor, but I haven’t been so good about that part. Maybe I’ll try that more. I know this, the antibiotics have made me sick for the last 8 days. I am SO tempted not to finish them. I tired of having to make one last trip to the bathroom before I can get out of the door in the morning.

    @ Jali

    I’ll try the hot bath. I hate hot baths. I feel like I’m cooking.

  6. I found the tight bandage far nicer than hot compresses. I don’t own a microwave, and it was difficult to heat a washcloth enough. On the other hand, when I had a microwave, I tortured myself. For me, the tight bandage also kept the boil out of the way so it didn’t hurt and I could even forget about it.

    A regular shower could also help.

    I eventually went to see a surgeon, and she said my doctor had given me the wrong antibiotic.

    Does WebMD have pictures you can use for comparison? Ew.

  7. Hey girl! Hope all is well w/ the boobies. No playin’ they are serious things! GO GET YOUR LUMP checked out!

    OK Momy hat off!

    That game SUCKED ME IN…So not liking you for showing me that….
    *giggles* NOT!

    OK 30 degree’s and you have on FLIP FLOPS?!?!?! 30 degree’s and I have on 2 pair wool socks and am calling GOD to find out what is up w/the weather!

    LOL ;o)
    OK so it was a mere 90 here today…Spring is HERE!!!

  8. @ ~m~

    It would be weird to try to bandage. It’s squishy and not really well defined. I can’t explain it. At first I thought it was fat, but it was just so obviously not on the other side.

    I need to stay away from WebMD. It doesn’t have photos of lumps, just descriptions that are too similar to my symptoms for my comfort. I’m wondering if WebMD is really such a good idea.

    I have a follow up appointment tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

    I’ll keep you guys posted.

    I didn’t think I’d generate so much concern for my tatas, but this helps a lot.

  9. aww chica.. I can’t leave u for a minute eh? I hope the breasts are well.. I had a similar lump and freaked out.. ran to the doctor, studied WebMD and found out it was just a reaction to my deoderant. pretty scary but I hope thats all u have too. I will whisper a prayer for you..
    Blessings and hugs..

  10. While WebMD may make you a momentary hypochondriac, you at least have some idea of what’s going on. I think gathering knowledge is always good, and it’s something you can do for yourself, on your own, as opposed to feeling helpless, in the dark, and having it all be up to someone else.

    I hope it’s nothing serious!

  11. @ Island Spice

    Hey, chica. Where have you been, Party Girl? See what happens when you go away. Thanks for the prayers. I’m fine now.

    @ ~m~

    I suppose you’re right. I’m was happy to have the information at my fingertips, hypochondriac or not. I never want to make the mistake of assuming a problem is no big deal and find out that I’m wrong when it’s way too late.

    My doctor was on the verge of making me feel like I was over-reacting, but he reigned it back in. Maybe it wasn’t him at all.

    Anyway, thanks for checking in.

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