Tagged…And I Stole the Formatting Too.

Alphabet Scoop Meme
~courtesy of Macarena

Available or single: Invoking the 5th Amendment on this one.
Best friend: I can’t pick. I have great friends. I love them all.
Cake or pie: Cake! Pie crust is disgusting.
Drink of choice: Dry red wine.
Essential item: Baby oil gel.
Favorite color: Blue.
Gummi Bears or Worms: Bears
Hometown: Washington, DC.
Indulgence: DSW.
January or February: February has better sales.
Kids: Other people’s.
Life is incomplete without: Intimacy.
Marriage date: Been there. Done that. Burnt the T-shirt. Cursed be November 2oth.
Number of siblings: One.
Oranges or apples: Oranges.
Phobias/fears: Miscarriage. Incarceration.
Quote, favorite: Temptation resisted is pleasure lost.
Reasons to smile: See B, spring is back, new job, chocolate
Season: Fall.
Tag three: Katrice, Let’s Pretend, Black Jack Bauer.
Unknown fact about me: I’ve never seen The Godfather.
Vegetarian or oppressor of animals: Must you put it like that? Oppressor.
Worst habit: Walking out of my clothes and leaving them on the bathroom floor or sporadic flossing.
X-rays or ultrasounds: Ultrasounds…but the full bladder part sucks.
Your favorite foods: Free.
Zodiac: Gemini.


3 thoughts on “Tagged…And I Stole the Formatting Too.

  1. You’re going to kill me – but I changed my blog title…again.

    Black Jack Bauer is now…

    “Because Knowing Is Half The Battle”.

    My name is still Black Jack Bauer – but I thought the title was a little better and more descriptive.

    No need to update the link – the URL hasn’t changed.

    Oh – and uh, damn. Burnt the shirt? To quote Rick James, that’s coooooooold bloooded!

    Your dude,

  2. OMG – pie crust is the best!

    I went into shock after reading your comment and I can’t remember anything else you wrote.

    I’m calming down now. (I get worked up over some crazy stuff sometimes)

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