Loving this Song Right Now

Watch and Listen:


Summary in Translation:

Dude! You messed up and wrecked our home so bad, it’s not even worth my time to hate you. Moving on!

By the way, yesterday was the second anniversary of me finally having enough and walking out of my marriage for good. I am so over the pain and the bitterness. I’m happier than ever and am so ready to get this divorce finalized so I can move on with my life.

¿Qué hiciste? Me perdiste para siempre.


6 thoughts on “Loving this Song Right Now

  1. How do I really know that what you said is what JLo is actually saying. For all we know she could be singing about what food she’s going to buy at the grocery store. She could be singing about deuces calling. She could be reminiscing about her days as a fly girl on Living Color. But we don’t know because we don’t all speak Spanish. Hey Lexi, how do you say, “Post something in English, fool!” in Spanish?


    I already know your response, and no thank you – I don’t have any desire to kiss your ass.


    Your dude,

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