Getting My Groove On

I’ve been bitten anew by the salsa bug. I haven’t danced regularly in years, but I went out Friday night and now it’s all I want to do with my weekends. I’m about to go spend 3.5 hours in classes and then dance the rest of the night away. I’m obsessed. I even bought proper dance shoes yesterday.

I’m finally going to bite the bullet and start taking salsa on2 classes, New York-style salsa. I mostly dance Cuban-style salsa, Rueda de Casino.

I’m so out of shape, but hey, a girl has to start somewhere. Today I’ll be dancing at a dance studio as opposed to a club so, at least I won’t reek of smoke afterwards. That was the gross part of Friday night. I can stand the smoke in isolation at times, but smoke on top of me being sweaty and contributing my own funk is more than I can handle.

OK. Here’s a little demonstration for your viewing pleasure.


6 thoughts on “Getting My Groove On

  1. Hey! I thought the video was gonna be of you. I tried salsa lessons once, but I swear the instructor kicked me off the dance floor ’cause I kept stepping on my partner’s feet. I broke this woman’s big toe nail. She was pissed. I gave up on fancy dancing after that and settled with bobbing my head, Night at the Roxburry style.

  2. Even got the shoes eh? does the class have men as cute as the ones in the club?? just asking…

    adore the label ‘why I love my life right now’.. good for u 🙂

  3. Excellent! I’ve hardly danced salsa in thge last few years and it’s been even longer since I danced rueda… you’ve made me miss it so much that this saturday, I’d better give Irie Latino a visit!

  4. I took Salsa lessons a few months ago and enjoyed it a lot. The women outnumbering the men 3 to 1 might have had something to do with it (smile).

    When are we getting that drink, mon ami?

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