Blogging from the Library Sucks

I’m still laptopless. I’m trying to catch up on all of your blogs from the library in the evenings. It’s not going too well. I should be getting a laptop to use for work, so that should make web access during travels much easier, but I still need my own deal-e-o so I can get back to downloading music to my Zune…and blogging…and compulsively checking my email. You know, the three things personal computers were designed for. Oh, and let’s not forget the daily newspaper crossword puzzles. OK, my secret’s out. I’m a dork. This is how I spend my free time. I should be doing laundry and the dishes from this weekend, but no, I need my fix.

None of this would have been a problem at my old job. I seemed to find limitless time in my schedule to catch up on things I didn’t get done the previous night (during the 6 hours I was online from home). But now I’ve got all this work to do. What’s up with that?!?!? Just kidding. I’m no slacker. I like the new job, even despite the Murphy’s Law day I had today.

I’ve only driven to the office three times: interview, first day (one week ago) and today. I took the same route the first 2 times and had way more time than I needed. Commute took about 45 minutes, including finding parking (another post, but wait for that one!). This morning I took a new route. It was supposed to be shorter. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes after I found parking. So, I got to work about 10 minutes late (@ 8:40). As I went upstairs to my cubicle I noticed there was a meeting going on downstairs, but I paid it no attention. I got to my desk, tried to see if my new login was set up while I was on travel, put my lunch in the fridge, noticed that no one else was upstairs, checked my email and saw a meeting invitation from the PRESIDENT of the company for an all staff meeting (um, yeah–the one I walked right by and ignored) that he sent out on WEDNESDAY. I walked into the meeting at 8:53, just in time to hear the #2 boss remind the staff that work hours are from 8:30-5:30!! Yeah! Of all days to be the new kid who didn’t know how to check email remotely (and didn’t consider that I’d actually have emails after 1 day on the job). I was in Idaho all last week. I had no clue there was a meeting today. Even if I had, I didn’t expect the “short cut” to 25 minutes longer than the regular route. I’m taking the train tomorrow.

I need to run so that I can read a few of your blogs before they start flashing the lights in the library.



11 thoughts on “Blogging from the Library Sucks

  1. laptopless”
    So close! Think how happy dropping that first syllable (or squeezing in a “dance”) would make your fellow patrons.

    How could extra time be a problem? Couldn’t you blog then? Or leave later? I often think about trying out new routes before D-Day, but I never do. I’m not sure that would help you, since you need the rush-hour traffic in your calculations.

    You’d think they’d be understanding since they shipped you out of town straightaway, didn’t teach you e-mail access, and didn’t have your back as far as making the meeting. Also, the president needs someone to come in late to keep his or her ego in check.

    Dude, they make you work nine hours? I am often glad that the gov’t didn’t my sweet ass. I would really hate to not be paid to eat lunch.

  2. Okay–once again I apologize for not calling you on Sunday to remind you about the staff meeting, in my defense, if YOU had called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day – I woulda told ya!!! It’s really no big deal though because you were on travel all last week.

  3. Awwww…I am sad to hear that you had a “bad” start to work! Well, at least you have an excuse! Tell them to get you a laptop ASAP! Love ya….. BTW, I am looking so fly in my JEANS (it has been so long since I had a pair)!! Thanks babe!

  4. Don’t worry. It will get better. I don’t know about the commute, but the new routines will.

    They hired you, so they know you’re worth the time it takes to break you in.

    Good luck, Lexi.

  5. sounds really sad and frustrating. you’ll show them, though. you always do. commuting is a pain in the tuchus but you’ll fall into a rhythm soon enough. travel makes everything harder and at the beginning – gee can you add anymore complications 🙂

  6. Oh yeah, life’s like that. You reach work early every morning, no one’s around to see but the one morning you’re late Head Honcho is waiting at the door.

    Have a great week kiddo. I hope you get web access soon.

  7. That’s hellish! I guess it’s one of those “just smile and keep doing your thing” types of situations.

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