Oh, Marion!

  1. Woman drives her car through a crowd at a street festival in DC.
  2. Woman is held without bond pending Grand Jury hearing.
  3. Woman said she had been smoking crack all day prior to the incident.
  4. Woman is employed as a temporary receptionist in former DC mayor, Marion Barry’s office.
  5. Marion Barry will cancel contract with temp agency, accusing them of negligent screening.

I think the temp agency, at best, is adept at matching personnel with appropriate employers; at worst, has a great sense of humor.


6 thoughts on “Oh, Marion!

  1. That woman probably voted for Barry’s ass! What, he’s not a man of the people anymore?

    My temp agency was in D.C., but I ain’t get no crack.

  2. @ Andy

    All I could think when I heard it on the radio was, “the NERVE!!”

    @ ~m~

    Ha! I can just see your neck rolling.

    I guess he stopped being a man of the people when the people started taking bets on how long it would take for his ass to get arrested again.

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