Dude!!! My Whole Blogger Thingy is in Español

¡Chévere! Bienvenidos a la primera edición de On Second Thought… de Puerto Rico.

OK. So that says welcome to the first edition of On Second Thought… from Puerto Rico. But I’m sure you figured that out. If you didn’t, catch up. Or you’ll be out of a job before too long.

I’m working way too hard in Borinquen, mis queridos. Have a look around the place:

Here’s what I see right outside my patio door:

And here is evidence that I work WAY too hard:

My dad sent me a text message today asking if I get paid to vacation. Hey! This is no vacation. This is hard labor, I tell you. I’m sweating over here.

Hey! They were teaching a salsa lesson in the lobby. On 2!!! Sooo mambo and Soooo hot! I hope I don’t keel over from all the work I’m doing.

Gotta run. Time to check out the nightlife! (um, then back to the grind?)


9 thoughts on “Dude!!! My Whole Blogger Thingy is in Español

  1. Hard labor, huh?


    Hate to burst your bubble, but you DO have to come back eventually, yanno! 😉

    The photos are awesome. I’m SO envious!!!

  2. I’m a little jealous too, but now I’m remembering poor Lex on an icy road a couple of months ago (that first day of having insurance day) and I think you deserve it all.

    Me no tengo muchos dias por vacacion. No Puerto Rico por moi. (pretending to know a little Espanol – I took French in school)

    BEAUTIFUL photo! I love it Lexi-baybee. You are so gorgeous.

  3. @ ~m~

    Slave-drivers, I tell you.

    @ Andy

    Why must you piss on my parade? This could have been our honeymoon, you know? But NOOOOOOO, somebody had to take time out for li’l youngin.

    @ Debbie

    No. Don’t be. Just plan to take some time to get away from it all. I’m thinking about you.

    @ Jali

    Ugh! What a day. I need to write a post about how my day in court went with all that. I like your Franish!

    And, thanks!!

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