Wanna Hang Out?

You guys are cool! Jali’s latest post has me thinking about how many interesting folks I’ve met since I’ve been blogging. Some of you blog as yourselves, others as a persona, but either way, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you other bloggers a little more post by post. I talk about you all the time. If you’ve written something that I think is interesting, it may come up in conversation in my real life. I feel like this forum has stretched me and put me in contact with people I wouldn’t normally associate with, for whatever reason. That is amazing and invaluable to me. It’s been a fascinating voyage through the market place of ideas. I’ve discovered tremendous diversity among those of you on my blogroll and those of you who comment here. I’m glad I “know” each of you.

With all the mushy stuff said, who’s down for a Blogger Meet-Up? I would love to meet some of you guys who don’t mind blowing your anonymity and hanging out with some other people with way too much time on their hands. What do you say? If you’re interested, I’ll organize it. Just email me at lex dot blogger at gmail dot com. I’m in the DC area, but that doesn’t mean the Meet-up has to be here. I’ll travel. Maybe we can find some cool spot central to the responders. Let me tell you now, if you’ve never commented here before, I don’t know you. I will ignore your email, so don’t bother. This isn’t an invitation for crazy stalker shit. Got it?

Let’s hang out and have drinks or something.



8 thoughts on “Wanna Hang Out?

  1. Blogging has enlarged my life in unexpected ways, too, and I would love to meet some of my long-distance friends.

    But what do you have against crazy stalker shit, Lex? I was sure I’d raised you to be friendlier than that.

  2. This isn’t an invitation for crazy stalker shit. Got it?

    High-larious! Of course, stalkers think they’re perfectly rational, and are perhaps shaking their heads, pitying “those” poor bastards.

  3. lol. Still laughing over the stalker comment. hehe. You’re so funny.

    The caribbean bloggers did it last year. Well, have fun, it’s nice putting face to the comments.

  4. Well geez… if I can’t stalk you, what fun is THAT?

    Post the whens & wheres, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my wallet will let me. I think it’d be a blast!

    WAIT! This wouldn’t be a sneaky cover story for a surprise wedding, would it?


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