If I called this post what I want to, I’d have the Secret Service breathing in my farts…

If my single, most trusted, most intimate confidante were to pull me aside and ask me to confide in him/her my deepest darkest secret; that one thing I am most miserably ashamed of; that one choice that I regret for its having revealed how astoundingly low I’d sunken, how inconceivably far from sanity I’d traversed, it would be this. On November 7, 2000, I voted for George W. Bush.

I know. If you want to run away and delete me from your blogroll I completely understand. But, if there is an ounce of grace in your heart, forgive me and read on. I’m back on my meds.

I started drafting this post with the intention of espousing the notion that Black Christian voters are perhaps the most schizophrenic voting block in America, but I’ll talk about that later. Today I’m just disgusted. He is an embarrassment to himself, to humankind. He’s a renegade, gangster, corrupt, do-whatever-the-fuck-he-feels-like-doing outlaw.

I don’t even have the energy to discuss the war. It breaks my heart. It’s ridiculous. But this Libby shit?!?! Why doesn’t he just drop his pants and moon the justice system?

Can January 2009 GET HERE ALEADY!!!


3 thoughts on “If I called this post what I want to, I’d have the Secret Service breathing in my farts…

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  2. I lost my mind about the Libby shit. They need to get this man out. We need to impeach him, we need to fire him. Why can’t we fire him? He’s not a king, he’s supposed to be working for us.

  3. Pelosi says not. It seems the numbers aren’t there – unless Republicans break ranks and go for it. So far that looks like a frosty Friday in Hell.

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