This Will End

My happy place is being invaded by bullshit. That pisses me off. I want this divorce over with. I’m so far removed from the craziness that was my marriage that I’ve forgotten how crazy it was. Today, in an effort to move things the hell along, I am reminded. I hate that I have to bring the past back into my present (for however brief a moment) for all of this to be over. I want it over.

This will end. It will all be over one day. Soon.

This will end.

This will end.


5 thoughts on “This Will End

  1. What’s taking so long, custody of the wagon-wheel coffee table? You can tough this out, and eventually, you’ll be so far away, you’ll forget the particular stench of the bullshit. Don’t let the bastards keep you down!

  2. @ Eslocura


    @ ~m~

    I love that damned table!!

    Seriously, if I had a nickel for every time I was asked that question I’d be set for life. It’s a big fucking mess and a big messy fuck-up. Lethal (and time consuming) combination.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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