Alphabetical Me(me)

Andy tagged me and since I love him and am going to marry him, I figured I’d obey just this once (since that shit ain’t gonna happen ever again). Vow writers smoke crack!

Here we go:

(the random bold type is a code issue I don’t feel like fixing.  nothing more.)

Available: depends on who you ask
Age: 34
Annoyance: people who should know better
Animal: must love dogs! I just found out my other doggie died (the one i lost custody of).
Actor: Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster
Beer: love it!! since I was 12
Birthday/Birthplace: June 6, nation’s capital
Best Friends: can’t pick. all my friends ROCK!
Body Part on opposite sex: lips
Best feeling in the world: the sixth orgasm of the night
Blind or Deaf: deaf. sign language is cool.
Best weather: Sunny & 77 degrees
Been in Love: yes
Been bitched out?: not really. ex tried, but I won.
Been on stage?: yep. and if the pulpit counts…too many times.
Believe in yourself?: now I do
Believe in life on other planets: yep, but haven’t seen any. don’t worry
Believe in miracles: undecided at the moment
Believe in Magic: depends on how you define it
Believe in God: yes
Believe in Satan: yeah. i married him.
Believe in Santa: never. and i never got coal either.
Believe in Ghosts/spirits: healthy respect for spirit world: leave. me. alone.
Believe in Evolution: in a way (and I don’t believe that I also believe in God is in conflict with this)
Car: 2003 Honda Civic
Candy: peanut M&M’s, dark chocolate
Color: blue
Cried in school: I’m sure I did. I’m a crier.
Chocolate/Vanilla: sex? no, seriously chocolate. duh!!
Chinese/Mexican: Mexican. duh!!
Cake or pie: cake, pie would be fine minus the crust. yuk.
Country to visit: all of the Spanish speaking ones, I’ve got 17 to go.
Day or Night: night
Dream vehicle: nope. i miss my Mustang though.
Danced: my ass off. often.
Dance in the rain?: um..yeah. I think so.
Do the splits?: never could. never will.
Eggs: hard boiled or in cake.
Eyes: brown
Everyone has: a story
Ever failed a class?: yep. pre-calculus. but there’s a story
First crush: edward mckay
First thoughts waking up: is this a good stomach day?
Food: yes!
Greatest Fear: miscarriage, incarceration
Giver or taker: giver, sometimes to a fault
Goals: immediate: divorce. future: to be a better me
Gum: sure
Get along with your parents?: yes, now. we had a rough couple of years.
Good luck charm: nope
Hair Colour: brown
Happy: more than ever
Height: 5′ 3″
Holiday: Christmas
Health freak?: I’m morphing into one.
Hate: sweet wine
Ice Cream: chocolate and nuts
Instrument: guitar, suckily
Jewelry: yes
Kids: I flip flop. today I say yes.
Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing
Keep a journal?: yes.
Longest Car Ride: maryland to new orleans
Love: my friends, my fam, cooking, salsa, Border’s, a great sale, other folks’ kids, not being broke
Laughed so hard you cried: regularly and peed too
Love at first sight: I guess.
Last person who…
– Slept in a bed beside you? D
– Saw you cry? i don’t remember the last time I cried
– Went to the movies with you? Rick, Charmaine, Mike, Sheila

– You went to the mall with? katrice and kwesi and kids
– You went to dinner with? Tiffany
– You talked to on the phone? Ricky
– Made you laugh? my boss
– Texted you: Ricky, just now
– Hugged you: Tiffany
– Cuddled with: R
Milk flavor: Vanilla rice milk
Movie: Sound of Music
Mooned anyone?: yes, and will again
Marriage: been there, done that. flip flop on doing it again. today I say yes.
Motion sickness? if reading in a moving car
McD’s or BK: Satan!!
Number of Siblings: 1 brother, I love him so much!!
Number of Piercings: 6- all ears
Number of Tattoos: none
Overused Phrases: “fucking shit” and “ay, la madre que me parió”
One wish: that he signs the fucking separation agreement already
One phobia: the leg press machine crashing down and pinning my legs
Place you’d like to live: Seattle
Perfect Pizza: thin crispy crust, almost no sauce, garlic, sun-dried tomato, basil, feta cheese, olive oil. (i swear!!)
Pepsi/Coke: Coke is it! duh!
Quail: no thanks.
Reality T.V.: American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, Next Food Network Star…
Roll your tongue in a circle?: and HOW!!
Song: Mujer con Pantalones
Shoe size: 8.5 or 40
Salad Dressing: lemon juice
Sushi: can’t get enough
Skipped school: who hasn’t? ME!!!!
Slept outside: yes
Seen a dead body?: at a funeral — which is barbaric and dumb
Smoked?: yes, but not since i was 11
Skinny dipped?: almost, but got caught by the cops. i need to try again
Shower Daily?: Duh! often twice.
Sing well?: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Wanna here it? Um, NO!
Sing in the shower?: no
Swear?: Who, meeee?
Stuffed Animals?: not anymore
Single/Group dates: single, otherwise it ends up splitting into guys and girls
Strawberries, Blueberries, or Raspberries: blueberries in a bowl of plain yogurt, granola and honey AND strawberries with a bowl of melted dark chocolate on that single date
Scientists need to invent: self-washing dishes
Super Heroes?: are you kidding?
Time for bed: random hours
Thunderstorms: yes. yes. yes.
TV: Food Network
Touch your tongue to your nose?: nope
Unpredictable: um, predictably spontaneous
Vegetable you hate: cauliflower
Vegetable you love: tomatoes and advocados (and I know they’re both fruits)
Vacation spot: mountain cabin by a lake
Weakness: free food
When you grow up: I’ll let you know
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Kwesi. It’s scary. We’re both Geminis!!
Who makes you laugh the most: me and then my boss, they’re gonna fire the pair of us
Worst feeling: betrayal
Wanted to be a model?: never
Worst weather: hazy, hot and humid
X-Rays: uterus and fallopian tubes (all clear), teeth, back, head, chest, neck, right foot
Year it is now: 2007
Yellow: my love seat
Zoo animal: pandas
Zodiac sign:Gemini

Consider yourself tagged. Link back here so I know you’ve done it! Or comment on my foolishness, whichever.


4 thoughts on “Alphabetical Me(me)


    2) You scare me with your answers. Are we fraternal twins of different mothers? 😉

    3) WE GOTTA HAVE PIZZA!!! That’s too weird.

    4) Remind me to ask you about that roll-your-tongue thing. In private.

    5) How could I have forgotten about Food Network? I’m watching it RIGHT NOW.

    6) Chocolate/Vanilla… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You’re so bad!

    Thanks darlin’. This was fun!

  2. And I thought the Spanish alphabet was long!

    YAY!: ex tried, but I won
    healthy respect for spirit world

    NAY!: Julia Roberts. That’s worse than voting for Bush.

    My mother used to say to me: iLa madre que te parió!, which I thought was high-larious! iJa ja ja ja ja ja ja!

    Mooning – and certainly your vow to do so again – makes you badder than skipping school.

  3. @ katrice

    I have learned that your love for potatoes is a deep, serious thing. No worries.

    @ andy

    My brotha’ from another motha’!! The pizza thing is sooooo freaky!

    And about that other thing…I’m waiting for the chance. 😉

    @ ~m~

    That’s funnier than my brother saying, “your mother” when I’d call him names.

    I will moon again! Bwahahahahaahahahaha!!!

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