Hey, there. Missed Ya. Pagers.

I just got back from a very long conference in Orlando. I worked 87.5 hours last week folks! Yes. I do not exaggerate. I got in yesterday afternoon and I slept until 1:45pm today. I deserved every minute of sleep.

I feel like I’ve missed so much. I have a lot to write about, but no time to get it out in any coherent way at the moment. I hope to get some things out of my head as the week goes on. In the meantime…

Do you guys remember pagers??? I remember mine. It was a translucent charcoal gray number. I can’t remember the phone number, but I do remember this: 07734. That was the beginnings of text messaging, my lovelies. If typed into a pager and turned upside down, that spells “hELL0”. HA!!! I cracked up thinking about that this week for some reason. And do you remember that 411 meant, “I need to ask you a question.” And 911 meant, “Hurry up and call me back!!” WOW!! And do you remember the pager bill being $10/month!! Yeah! I paid that bill myself!!

OK, that’s it. I’m off to run. I didn’t workout all last week, unless you count the 10 miles a day I walked up and down that conference center.

I’ll talk to you all later!!


7 thoughts on “Hey, there. Missed Ya. Pagers.

  1. I had more pagers than drug dealers and physicians combined. Remember the number codes you’d stick in at the end of a call back number to let friends know it was you calling from that random number? Mine was 22 more often than not. Occasionally someone might have already given 22 to someone else, but I usually got it. I’d page someone and type the call back number like so:

    301-777-9311 *22

    Then of course you’d add in the 411 or 911 or 69 or whatever other message you wanted to convey.

    Remember “SkyPager” by A Tribe Called Quest? Remember “Beepers” by Sir Mix-A-Lot?

    I think we talked about this before – but do you realize that people are now paging again – only now they’re doing it instead of leaving a voicemail. I hate voicemail with a passion now. I’d rather someone text me or page me. Dialing an access number just to hear you say, “Call me” is getting old. Especially now that most phones these days are well equipped to allow you to send text and or pages.

    But I digress. Good post.

    Your boy,

  2. I never had a pager, but those numbers work on a calculator, only it’s .7734, so you keep the 0 on the screen. I always preferred 7734, but the best is 58008!

    87.5?! Is it worth it?

  3. My code was 92!!! 🙂
    So, I have been reading some of your posts and I must say I am so excited, and would love to chit chat with you more about your divorce party. I got seperated in March, and planning this party has been the most therapeutic thing I could ever do… besides the therapy. 😉

    If you would like to email me at Chrsty92@comcast.net… has the party already been? Mine isn’t until October… but I can not wait! 🙂

    Take care hun and stay strong… sounds like you are doing wonderful! 🙂

  4. Over 80 hours! Are ya trying to kill yourself with work girl?

    Like the new look. Love the fact that with your new wordpress home I don’t have to constantly type in my info since it’s automatically picked up.

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