Just Dropping in to say I’m ALIVE!!!

Randomness — since I haven’t posted in a while and am in a hurry:

  1.  Why am I being pursued by the swinger in the office?  Is there anything about me that would make one think I’d be down with that shit?
  2. Why do I have a home phone?  I have 45 new messages in my inbox. I just checked the 1st one.  It’s from May.  If you need me to respond to you…email or text me…or anything that involves a computer.  I think home phones are becoming obsolete.
  3. Has anyone ever actually responded favorably to someone trying to hit on you in traffic?  Let a sistah know if you have.  I fail to understand why men even try.  Do they expect that I’ll, I don’t know, pull over and chit-chat??  What’s up with that?
  4. I feel like I should get my money back for the portion of my vitamins supplements that get peed out.  It’s a rip off, I tell you.
  5. I’m too busy to post right now, but I’m on the toilet, so I thought I’d use the time wisely.  I just walked in from work and I am about to relax my hair, shower, cook a quick dinner and head right back out to my salsa lesson.
  6. My apartment looks like Monster Dean took up residence in it.  I have to find time to get it together.
  7. And change my oil in my car.  It’s way overdue.
  8. And wash my car. Haven’t done that since I bought it in February.  Nope. Not even once.
  9. I’m ready for fall.  These 60 degree days are teasing me.
  10. Would any of you have know that, “I have a pass for tonight.  Let’s go have a drink” meant, “I have permission from my spouse to get busy tonight if I want to.  Tag, you’re it”?

5 thoughts on “Just Dropping in to say I’m ALIVE!!!

  1. You’re high-larious!

    1. No way. Maybe it’s time for a memo w/ the big-ass bullet-points.

    2. Unless you have dial-up… I don’t know if they do this for cell phones, but landlines should connect to 911 even if something’s wrong w/ the phone.

    3. I hope that wasn’t my brother Peter Pan.

    5. Whoo-hoo! Using your “time wisely” always reminds me of elementary school.

    10. Wow! I expected “pass” to mean “ticket.” I wonder how one earns said pass. Ew!

  2. Randomness is great.

    The flirt from the car thing always amazes me. Someone actually gestured toward the next exit (as if I would actually get off the highway to speak to a stranger who isn’t watching the road) and sort of followed me for a few miles when I wouldn’t pull over – scared the hell outta me!

    I don’t have a land line. I feel guilty when filling out paperwork asking for the home number and I use my cell. For some dumb reason I feel I’d be viewed as a transient if I wrote “none”.

    You’re being pursued by the office swinger because you’re lovely and he just can’t resist.

  3. @ Jali

    I had the same situation with the car guy. Except it’s happened far too many times. Twice I’ve driven him right to the police station. I’m terrified of leading one of these freaks in to my neighborhood.

    And HE (the swinger) is a SHE, darling!!

  4. I can’t remember what I was going to say because I’m laughing too hard at the swinger thing. a she (lol)
    I so agree about the phone, like Jali, I just use my cell number for everything. randomness is good, but I’m tired. nice to see you back … you’ll put those salsa lessons to good use when back in PR : )

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