Go Away!!!

Dear Pyscho Who Googles ‘Katrice0321’ to Get to This Blog,

Stop it!!! You are annoying. For someone who doesn’t like a person, you sure spend an awful lot of time typing in her user name to find out what she is saying. I CERTAINLY don’t know why you’d come here!

Know this. You aren’t slick. I see you. The technology is exposing your insanity. Please stop and don’t come back. Ever. OK?

Bye, Bye!!

P.S. If you leave an anonymous comment in response to this, I promise, I will publish your name.


4 thoughts on “Go Away!!!

  1. Eslocura and Debbie: Thanks for the support. This one is a pain in the behind and I think SHE believes she’s floating under the radar. I just need her to leave me out of her quest for information about people who couldn’t care less about her at this point.

    Macarena: WordPress is wonderful and there are also many site tracking devices that give you all kinds of lovely information like the IP addresses of folks who visit your blog, if you came from another link, what search engine keywords you entered to get to a certain post. It’s fan-tabulous. I’ve had a few drinks tonight so I think that everywhere I said YOU I meant to say ONE. I know that only matters to people like you, me and Katrice, but I wanted to mention my awareness of it … for the record.

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