Funny How You Got Here

I think WordPress should create a widgit that allows you to display the search engine terms people entered to find your blog. Reading those is one of the highlights of my day. Perhaps that doesn’t say much about my days, but it’s still funny as hell. By far stripper name, self-hatred and vagina get people here the most. Hennessey gets folks here a lot too. But check these out:

  • toothpaste enema
  • Haitians eat cat
  • I hate dental hygiene

If my search terms list defined me and my blog one could reasonably expect that I’d be a Hennessey-drinking stripper who loves her vagina (but not Haitian food) and hates to brush her teeth, since toothpaste is, after all, for colon cleansing. Maybe I’ll put that in my About Lex section. Makes me wonder what people’s first impressions are since those who come in from a search engine can jump in anywhere in my 2 years worth of posts.

A friend I hadn’t told about my blog found me yesterday while doing a google search on divorce. That was sweet. She’s the second person I know in real life to find me on their own. The first was a friend I’d lost touch with who googled his name and came across something I said in my comments about a nickname he’d given me in elementary school. The statement was actually, “Damn you and His First and Last Name.” He thought it was pretty funny, but I guess I shouldn’t use folks’ real names here just in case potential employers are googling them. Did you know employers do that? We used to do it all the time. You learn so much about some people from their Myspace pages (hee hee).

Anyway. This whole search words thing tickles me so will those of you who know tell me how people get to your pages?? Even you lurkers. Come out, come out where ever your are?!?!?


16 thoughts on “Funny How You Got Here

  1. You should totally use real names. For all I know, they’re aliaes, but they give an air of authenticity because anecdotes tend to involve first and last names, esecially when referring to enemies. That warms my heart, for no reason I can surmise, and I love when it’s used in movies or on T.V.

  2. @ Macarena

    Well, since you brought it up, I’ll tell you about the part of the post that I deleted. I was going to explain how I’m waiting for the stalker to resurface because I would be sure to write her name at least 50 times in a post that revealed her antics so that it would be sure to come up on the 1st page of links for anyone Googling her name.

    Now that I’ve put that into the universe, I’m sure it will be used against me. But somehow, I don’t care.

  3. @ Bauer

    Ha! Ha! I haven’t blogged about that nickname, but I’d be happy to oblige should you decide to have that come up when your name gets googled.


    I have no clue how to pronounce your name, but welcome. I’m glad you stopped by. Please come back.

  4. Hey, I got here the old fashion way, I saw this scrawled on a subway car in Dallas, for a good time goto


    Seriously, I say your post in another blog, cant remember which one, but I use the theory that if people read and respond to a blog that I find interesting, then maybe they are interesting as well. Sort of like a friend of my friend is a friend of mine.

    And as far as names and google searches is concerned, yeah, you can find most anyone if you dig deep enough.

    And lastly, your comment about the “stalker”, hey stalkers can be fun, send them electronic flowers from a bogus e-mail, and get them to chase after that bone.

  5. Now I want to hear the pudding pop stories. (tapping dainty foot impatiently)

    oh – we’ll get the times/places for the 22nd weekend together next week. We can work around your schedule – restaurant gal can’t come until Sunday so I want to do something then too.

  6. @ Jali

    Bauer will be with me in ATL, so maybe I’ll tell the pudding pop story in person. He’ll love that!!

    I get there at 10 am Saturday and leave at 7pm Sunday. I know there are plans for Saturday night, but the rest is wide open I think.

    Bauer, please confirm.

  7. Hi Lex,

    I am visiting from Hearts page.

    If you go to google analytics, you can set up a whole site (very easily) that tells you not only how people got to your page, but where they came from (city/state/country), how many people come from that place, how often they come, what they read, how long they stay, and from which pages they leave.

    Tons of interesting info if you like charts and graphs.

    Here’s a link:

    Have fun!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  8. Want to start your private office arms race right now?

    I just got my own USB rocket launcher 🙂 Awsome thing.

    Plug into your computer and you got a remote controlled office missile launcher with 360 degrees horizontal and 45 degree vertival rotation with a range of more than 6 meters – which gives you a coverage of 113 square meters round your workplace.
    You can get the gadget here:

    Check out the video they have on the page.


    Marko Fando

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