You know what I mean?


“I don’t want people to think like me. I just want people to think.”




9 thoughts on “You know what I mean?

  1. The current administration is what happens when all the people think the same, or only one thinks, the rest just shamelessly shake their heads in agreement.

    Show me a group where the thoughts are ALL the same, I will show you a group of cretins

  2. I had this exact same conversation with my mother earlier this week. I was telling her that I am surrounded by a lot of people who simply don’t want to think for themselves. I have one co-worker in particular who can’t seem to do anything without asking me how. It’s not that he isn’t smart enough to figure these things out on his own – he just doesn’t want to think for himself 80% of the time.

    You see this same problem in traffic. I would guestimate that 50% of our traffic issues are because 50% of people driving are lemmings. Monkey see, monkey do. People don’t think while they drive – or worse, they drift and think about everything but the task at hand.

    I was at the gym earlier this week and saw a news report claiming that Oprah had endorsed Obama. Honestly, I was offended by it. I have no issue with Obama at all. I haven’t studied his voting habits or politics just yet to have an informed opinion, but I have every intention of doing so as we get closer to 2008. My point is, I was offended because Oprah has the audacity and arrogance to think that I give a phuck about her opinion. Don’t tell me who to vote for, Oprah – ever. I don’t care how rich you are – I can make up my own mind.

    Sadly, there are several million people who can’t – and those people will vote for Obama solely because “Oprah says I should”.

    You couldn’t have said this any better, Lexi.

  3. You guys have proven that I surround myself with the right people. I know you all are thinkers, which is why I read your blogs. Heartinsanfrancisco gave me the Thinking Blogger Award. I should display it in my sidebar somewhere. I’m not a horn-tooter, so it usually isn’t like me to do that, but I may just to warn people that they can’t come here and check their brains at the door (just in case the blog title doesn’t convey the message).

    It’s so sad that just about all of you agree that Americans have been lulled to sleep. It’s so true. I have a friend who calls the lemmings you refer to, Bauer “Sheeple”. He does an experiment at crosswalks in DC. He waits until the most inappropriate time to cross and steps off of the curb just to see how many sheeple follow him. The majority of the walkers follow him.

    In this country we have the freedom to believe what we want, think what we want, read, write and say what we want. We have access to the best minds ever to have existed on this planet, but we choose to be dumb, blind, sheep. And we follow shepherds like Paris Hilton and Oprah and T.D. Jakes. It really disturbs me.

    This post was prompted by a conversation with my sissy (in law) about how she thinks it’s funny to watch people in a room interact with me for the first time. She says she sits back and laughs because they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. That cracks me up. I don’t mean to be obstinate but I am not a “nod-and-smiler”. I have opinions. I have thought about most things at least a little and dammit, if you bring it up in a conversation with me, I’m going to tell you what I think. I don’t care who you are and I don’t care if you disagree. In fact, I prefer it that way.

    Thanks for being thinkers guys and keeping me engaged. I love you tons!


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