Huh?? Is it just me?

I don’t usually like to post twice on the same day. But this one is kind of related to the one that follows, sort of.


What the hell was DC Department of Health thinking?

Yes. Those are condoms.

Now go read the next post.  Bye.


10 thoughts on “Huh?? Is it just me?

  1. I didn’t get your objection, but I’m guessing it’s supposed to get your attention that way. Like “good…and good for you.”

    I hate that mustard color, and now, I can’t remember the tag line from those great Grey Popoun ads.

  2. Let’s see what I can get wrong on this post (LOL).

    Uhm. I don’t see the big deal on this? I’m just glad they’re providing condoms. Remember the HUUUUUGE barrel of condoms in the heath center on campus? Remind me to tell you a story about that later this week.

  3. At least they’re “coming together” (doesn’t this mean coming at the same time?) – hee-hee

    Sent you email with my cell# so that we can meet this weekend.

  4. Well, at least they tried to come together.

    But Mr “human genetic material suitcase” (condom) is there to catch any unfulfilled promises.

    And besides, it leaves no wet spots on the sheets.

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