Perfect Weekend

For me, a great weekend is striking the perfect balance between doing what you want to do and doing what you need to do. I had a great weekend.

Friday night I went out to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law (and friends) for her birthday. I was able to make it home so that I could ride with them and not have to worry about how much I had to drink. That was the best move of the night. The frozen margaritas at Lauriol Plaza are lovely. I was feeling quite nice after 3 of those bad boys. That’s an extremely popular restaurant in DC, so there was a 2 hour wait to be seated for dinner. We had some great conversation and laughs and some folks know a lot more about me. I was actually shocked that one girl didn’t know that I was going through a divorce. I need to do better at wearing my details on my sleeve. πŸ˜‰

Saturday I woke up at my brother’s house, drove home, signed my lease renewal and my sister in law came over to talk business ideas. We laughed and hung out until my brother came over, at which time we left him, went to the organic market, came home and fantasized about cooking. We flaked and went for sushi instead, then coffee and then the cops showed up, talking to the man from the sushi bar and they took off around the building looking for someone who was apparently there the night before. This situation is very strange in the ‘burbs. Everyone was sitting outside with their families, watching the police, chilling and chatting. I gave my brother the “what in the hell are you waiting for” look. He, well acclimated to the ‘burbs, said, “Oh, are you ready to go?” Me: “You’ve obviously forgotten your ‘hood skills. We don’t sit around and watch with 5-0 chasing someone. Not this close, at least.” He laughed and we got in the truck and left, expeditiously. We came back to my apartment and talked. They went home and my brother went to work, only to realize he wasn’t supposed to work that night. I talked to my sissy until 2am and polished off a bottle of red wine. I went to bed and slept until noon.

Sunday “morning” I got up, went to the grocery store, cleaned the kitchen, baked a rum cake for sissy’s birthday and banana bread for me, because my bananas were going to go bad. I made dinner for the week, did laundry and ….watched FOOTBALL!!! Brother and sissy came to get the cake. They ate dinner. We watched Baisden After Dark — which stirred up all kinds of conversation about “maintenance men” and whether size matters. They went home. I finished up my laundry. That was it. My whole weekend.

It was great!!

I love doing just what I feel like doing and still managing to squeeze in a little productivity.

Last weekend I cleaned out and washed my car –with my own hands!!! You have no idea how big of an accomplishment that was. I live out of my car and anyone who’s ever ridden with me knows exactly what that means. Now I’m in bad shape if I get stranded in a collapsed tunnel. All of my “essentials” are in their proper places: dirty clothes hamper, dishwasher, closet, silverware drawer, pantry, medicine cabinet, wine rack and shower.

Did you guys have a good weekend? What’s a perfect one for you?

UPDATE: Oh, and please weigh in on maintenance men and whether size matters too!!!


12 thoughts on “Perfect Weekend

  1. Interesting weekend–I “the original city girl” went fishing! It was quite the experience. I did not touch any worms, I did not touch any fish and consequetly I did not catch any fish either (Even though my six year old did!)

    Size does matter, but so does performance. There needs to be an even balance between the two…

    No point in having a big stick if you don’t know what to do with it (“wake me when you are done”)

    No point in doing tricks with a little stick if no one can see or feel it (“is it in yet?”)

  2. I don’t get the reference to maintenance men. I am thinking alternately of the fat ones w/ exposed butt cracks and the allegedly hot ones on Skinemax.

    Size matters. Sad lesson.

  3. @ Let’s Pretend

    I concur.

    @ RG

    Your weekends rock lately, Jet Setter.

    @ Macarena

    Maintenance men are not the husbands or boyfriends, but the men whose sole purpose is to handle the business that may be left unattended to, for whatever reason.

    I want to hear the lesson!!

  4. Are maintenance men lovers, so that you’re cheating or dating more than one person (who preferably are into that)? Or is it like your man hates hockey, but your mm will go to games w/ you? Your man hates your family (why are you with him, then?!), but your mm is your date to family functions?

    Lesson: what, you want details? I agree with LP’s first and last statements. I don’t think size & performance should be equal, however. You need the size appropriate to the performance you seek. You should be w/ someone who’s eager to learn to work it/you, as opposed to sticking to what has(n’t) worked with other lovers. “[W]ake me when you are done” shouldn’t be an option.

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I’m impressed that you’ve cooked for the whole week AND finished your laundry and were still able to heave a great time with friends and family.

    I’ve tried my best to establish a maintenence man relationship in the past – I either fall for the guy or he falls for me – NEVER the same feelings at the same time. I just can’t handle it.

    I haven’t caught Mr. Baiden’s show. I heard him on the radio a while back and he seemed so full of himself – cutting people off when they disagreed with his premise. I might give it a go since you enjoyed it.

  6. @ Macarena

    Yes, they are lovers. The “business” I spoke of is bedroom business.

    @ Jali

    Remember, I’m a party of 1. One regular sized family meal will get me through the week. My washer and dryer are in my kitchen, so it all just has this synergy about it.

    Your maintenance man experience is usually what I hear. But I am glad to hear that it’s not always you who falls. Uh… let me just get off of that topic…

    I was put off by Baisden when I first heard him years ago. I’ve come to realize that he is just a big clown and that if I only take him as seriously as he takes himself (not very much at all) I like him. He’s good at stirring the pot, instigating controversy. That’s why he is still on the air. πŸ™‚

  7. @ heart

    I’ll pass the birthday wishes along to my sister in law. And will also tell her that she said, “Thanks!”

    Always glad to pass on the knowledge.

  8. i envy you. my weekend went by much too quickly and now i’m up at 230 in the freakin’ ayem, catching up on blogs i usually spend my days reading… 😦


  9. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Last weekend was rainy, which was just perfect. I got to stay in most of Saturday, but didn’t have to fret about wasting time because the decision had been taken out of my hands.

    I love it when the weather subverts my guilt.

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