Thanksgiving Already?! OR Don’t Potluck with Black Folks!

Thanksgiving is this week, People!!  Where has this year gone??

I was the bad guy and canceled our traditional family Thanksgiving dinner.  My parents have hosted dinner for around 30 people for probably as many years.  They are getting older and tired of not being able to take friends up on their invitations to do other things for Thanksgiving, but they didn’t want to say anything to anyone.  I jumped into my role (the one who calls out the elephant in the room) and told everyone that Turkey Day was up for grabs.  It doesn’t look like anyone else is going to host so we’re not having one unified family dinner this year.  I can’t help but wonder when I’ll hear the fallout from this.  [sigh]

We had a potluck at work today and I couldn’t/didn’t want to eat like I normally have for the holidays.  First, there was entirely too much food.  Second, I’m so much more conscious of what I eat and how I feel after I eat.  I was miserable after my plate of food today.  I don’t want to feel like that Thursday.  I’m going to be the weirdo eating little tiny plates of food (slowly), instead of chowing down like I used to.  Things are a’changin’!  Yay.  Go to Fine Tuning for updates.  I added a feed to the top of my sidebar here so that you can see when there are new posts there.

Speaking of potlucks, don’t every do potlucks with a bunch of black folks.  Seriously.  My people are the only folks I know who must know who made every single dish before they either try it or turn their nose up at it.   If you have ever eaten at a potluck with sisters especially, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Who made the macaroni and cheese?”


“Oh, ok!”  {serves self with smile, wink and nod of approval}


“Who made the macaroni and cheese?”


“Oh!”  {wrinkles one side of face, while snatching head backwards and moving on to the dressing}

Never mind that Sheila is sitting right there as you pass over her food  with disapproval.  And God forbid someone bring something  store-bought.  That’s the horror of horrors.  But, hell, with the scrutiny your cooking is under in these situations I’d bring KFC too!  I didn’t, but still.  For all I know my dishes will be the ones to avoid next year.

Why, oh why are black women so damned catty???

I love them to death, but damn!!  Lighten up, Ladies.


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Already?! OR Don’t Potluck with Black Folks!

  1. I would happily eat anyone’s macaroni and cheese, if I but could! Corn pasta anyone? But I love the idea of “who made this.” I am not sure the sisters have the corner on this.

    Hey Lex, happy TG, and a huge hug and hand held out to you as I feel like we walk together, okay? Wish I could make it to the blog gathering in December. I can’t. Hug Jali for me, too. Atlanta is not that far away for us sometime in the near future: dinner– a healthy dinner, albeit with wine for this gal ;). Many best wishes, for real.

  2. At the phone company years ago, we decided to make little cards to place near each dish so that the comments would be at a minimum. No dice.

    Catty chicks just have to have their say.

    Happy T-day!!!

  3. Hate to tell ya, lovebug…but Jewgirls aren’t any different than their black sisters. We are food snobs, hair snobs, car snobs and shoe snobs. We need to know where you bought it, how much you bought it for and who you told about it. That includes our food.

    It’s women in general…bunch of catty biatches!

    Have a happy turkey day, lex!!!


  4. Food is just another weapon in the female arsenal with which to hurt others. It’s stupid, but hey, much better than actually clawing each other’s eyes out.

    I was thinking that maybe women were getting kinder, but apparently that’s not so. We could all do better (if we really wanted to.)

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