The Lex’s New Clothes

The second thing I consider about a new job — after the salary — is whether or not I have to dress up.  I hate to dress up.  I love to be comfortable and to me that means jeans, sweats, flats or flip flops and a comfy top.  If you ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell you that comfy top means v-neck or hoodie of some sort.  I used to be much more fashionable than I have become.   I decided to do something about that today.

I went shopping for fall/winter clothes.  I spent a small fortune on quality clothes, many of which are out of my comfort zone (solid colors, preferably black, white, brown or gray) –which is very cool .  I have avoided shopping unless absolutely necessary because of the weight I’ve gained over the last few years.  Surprisingly, however, shopping today didn’t make me want to cry.  I bought clothes that fit and I realize that I really have made peace with my body.  I am where I am.  I won’t be here forever.  And I am still sexy as hell.  Yep. I said it.

I feel like I need someplace to go now.  I work someplace where we only have to dress up if we have a meeting with a client.  It would be awkward for me to dress up to go to work since I’ve made my mark in my jeans.  I really think folks dress down a lot more since I started working there.  In my book, jeans are an everyday clothing item…not just for Fridays.  I have 10 pairs of jeans!!!  No, not including all of the pairs that I am hoping to fit once again –the current ones.

I made myself a promise that I would treat myself better.  That includes wearing clothes and shoes that fit properly, look great and feel good.  These things are important, you know?

Now the tough decisions.  What to wear tomorrow?  It’s nice to have options.


7 thoughts on “The Lex’s New Clothes

  1. You totally rock, oh sexy one.

    Could you be induced to post a picture in some of those nice new duds?

    Clothes do matter. I live in jeans, but since I began buying stylish ones, I can’t go back to 501’s again.

    Why? “Because I’m worth it.” 🙂

  2. I’m curious, too, to see your new clothes.

    Clothes are important.. I agree. But comfort is important, too. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could find some sort of balance there?

    Since I’m retired, thankfully I don’t have to do the uniform of workplaces which seems to be increasingly drab.

  3. You sound so happy that it’s making me smile. I second heart’s request for photos.

    I love the tag, “why I love my life right now”. It’s perfect.

  4. Good girl!

    Find places to go. Museums, restaurants, holiday lunches and parties with friends, galleries, bookstores and libraries, theatres, clubs (be careful), there are a million places.

    Where do you want to be, is the question. You have what you will wear, what you want to look like, that quality that is in you reflected on the outside of you… now, who do you want to show that to?

    Go there.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  5. Here here! Remember my euphoria at discovering supportive shoes this spring? My feet suddenly stopped throbbing in pain every day. Who knew?

    New Clothes are good drugs.

    I have never been fashionable a day in my life, but I love a good-fitting pair of jeans.

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