I’m Back and I Love You.

I can’t believe I’ve only blogged twice since the beginning of the year. That is a shame. But, as you read in the previous post, I have been very busy with work. It’s a good thing, for the most part. I’ve been promoted in less than a year. With that promotion comes a lot of added responsibility and HOURS, so I’m trying to find balance once again. Isn’t that what life is all about? Growing and re-establishing balance.

My apartment is clean. All suitcases are unpacked. I am taking time for myself last thing each evening and first thing each morning. I’m eating well. So things are good. I am not exercising like I’d like to be because I’m struggling to find time. I have prioritized being in bed by 10pm over almost everything else. So, it’s not a perfect world, but I’m getting there.

I’m eating animal protein again. I’ve been meat free for 8 months, working with a natural health counselor since November. We have tried many combinations of supplements and foods to get me the amount of protein my body needs, but it’s not working for me. I am a protein metabolic type and it’s almost impossible for us to be successful as vegetarians. I am a lot less stressed about meal planning since the switch back. But I still only eat whole foods and organic, hormone and antibiotic free meat. No trash going into the temple as long as I can control it. I feel a lot more stable since the switch. I am sustained a lot longer between meals. I started losing weight again. Weight loss had been such a yo-yo experience as a vegetarian. I am consistently moving in the downward direction now and that makes me happy. We’ll see. I have 5 more sessions with my current program with my counselor. We’ll see where I land.

I am so excited about where my career is going. I feel like I need to put in my time now while I am single (well, let’s not get technical) and childless to secure my financial future. I’ll put in the long hours and hard work now, so I can devote time to other things when the come. And yes, I expect them to come. I want to be a mom and I want to be married (omg, I said it) to a man I can’t imagine life without. Do I see either of those circumstances on the horizon? No more than I can see tomorrow’s sunrise…but I know it’s coming!

So, I’ve missed you all. I’m trying to find balance in my new lifestyle. I’m happy and healthy and filled with love for each of you and for all of my “real life” family and friends.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I don’t have a Valentine, per se, but I have lots of folks I love dearly. That’s priceless to me. You know who you are and I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. May you share your day in the warm embrace of true, sweet love.

I’ll see you when I get there!



10 thoughts on “I’m Back and I Love You.

  1. Hey there, girly-girl!

    Congrats on your promotion, you go-getter you! I know how the too-many-hours thing is… I recently did a 92 hour week. Thought I was gonna die. Then I was afraid I *wasn’t* gonna die! 😉

    But with the same advice that you’ve given to me at one or more times… don’t over-do it, ok? If you’re not careful, you’ll end up being just like ME… and we wouldn’t want THAT to happen now, would we?!?! No, of course not! hehe!

    And happy Valentine’s Day, darlin’!

  2. @ Chani

    Hi, hon! I’m glad to be back!!

    @ Andy

    Oh My Goodness!!! What did I ever do to get you to grace my blog with your presence after, what, YEARS!!!


  3. Getting the sleep you need will help not just your health but your weight loss. If you don’t keep odd hours, you can’t be eating needlessly then. Most people do not prioritize sleep or achieve proper rest; doing so is a triumph.

    I feel like I need to put in my time now while I am single (well, let’s not get technical) and childless to secure my financial future.
    Whoo-hoo! Good for you. I grew up on T.V. shows where women had a hell of a time going back to work after quitting so they could be w/ their kids. Thinking about it can give me an anxiety attack.

  4. I clicked on the link this morning and said to myself, “if I see a got-damn clock one mo’ again….” and here’s a post. Yay!

    Happy V Day –

    I didn’t do anything special at all – I asked Jayce to be my valentine and he asked me back and that was enough celebration for me. Fell asleep.

    I was a little disappointed that no one used the line, “can I buy you a fish sammich” on me this year. I love that line.

    How do you know that you’re a protein metabolic type? I wonder what I am. (now I’m thinking Pee-Wee Herman: yes you are, but what am I?)

    Did I ever say congratulations on the promotion? can I borrow a dollar?

  5. So happy to see you again. This is a lovely, thoughtful post, and I’m glad so many things are working for you.

    I envy you the health consultant. Such people around here cost a king’s ransom and your firstborn child, too, but I try to learn what I need by reading.

    You are right. None of us can see tomorrow’s sunrise, but we all know it’s coming along, right on schedule.

    Sending love to you, Lex.

  6. @ ~m~

    Hi honey! I missed using the tilde key. How are you? Glad to know you value sleep and making a life for oneself as much as I do. Kids may come and maybe they won’t, but SSI won’t sustain my retirement plans!

    @ Lysa

    Glad you held out for my return! I hope to do much better going forward.

    @ Jali

    Not a “got-damn clock”! Hahahaha! I’m sorry. I was busy working, while some of us have been getting our groove on!!! You go, Stella.

    I’m so down with your interpretation of “be mine”. It reminds me of the bible verse that says that Abraham took Sarah and knew her and made her his wife. That’s what I’m talking about! No gowns and caterers and all that bullshit. Just get down to the nitty gritty!! Glad you had a good V-day!

    @ heartinsanfrancisco

    I love my health consultant. Do you know that she has the same first and last name as Katrice? How funny is that?! She’s priceless, but yes, costly. It’s an investment in the rest of my life. That’s how I look at it. I focus on being grateful to have the money and spare limbs to pay her.

    Love to you too! I hope you’re doing well.

  7. Ah!!!! She posted!!! I think I gave up on Feb. 12!

    Your health consultant is my name-sake… did I tell you that when I took my present job seven years ago I was replacing my name-sake? Wouldn’t it be funny if she and your health consultant are one in the same?

    Welcome back!

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