Coffee Table Talk

It’s Tuesday night. Dinner is consumed. Idol is on the tube. Second glass of Shiraz is waiting patiently on the table in front of me as I write. Yes, on my table! I bought a coffee table. Let me tell you about it.

I asked my parents for a coffee table for Christmas. I know that’s a stupid gift, but I need one. I left an Ethan Allen table with Ex because I really didn’t have space for it in my last place, and because it wasn’t worth the fight. I convinced myself that I liked the “open space” in my new living room, but the truth is that I am incredibly cheap except when it comes to quality food and clothing.  In all other areas I am cheap.  I am determined to find the perfect bottle of $6 wine.  That’s how cheap I am.

I was all set to go to the cheap furniture shopper’s Mecca, Ikea.  But then I noticed that the Scan Furniture in my area was going out of business and having a sale.  I decided to go there and find a table because whatever I bought at Scan was bound to be better than any Ikea find.  I found a $500 wood and glass table that matches my furniture in an very eclectic sense — ok, so it doesn’t match.  Who cares?  Why don’t I care?  Because I paid $137 for the puppy!  Oh, yeah!!!  I love a bargain.  And nothing beats a bargain on a quality piece.  I’m so happy with my table.

I put my feet on my coffee table and I welcome company to do the same.  I am a very practical kind of furniture person.  A coffee table that can’t double as an ottoman or chair when necessary is worthless.  I hate when people have things in the house that can’t be used  or that are reserved for special occasions!  I have a Tiffany’s cake knife and triangle serving thingy.  I use it for Entemann’s pound cake that costs $1.99.  Why? Because who buys a cake that deserves to be cut with a Tiffany’s knife?  I used it for my wedding cake.  That probably cursed the deal.  I should have used the plastic one, huh?

Speaking of which, D-day is 10 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!  Ten days and I’ll be divorced!!  I’ve been separated for 3 years and I am so excited that it’ll all be over next Friday.  Finally!  Amen! Hallelujah!  Sat Nam!  Namaste!  A Salam A Lakum!  Shalom! and ALL of that!!  I’m so excited.

I’m very curious to see how I’ll feel on Friday.  Any divorcees want  to share stories of how they felt the day it was all final?  I’m really curious to see if it affects my approach to dating at all.  Right now a date is a date.  I’m not available for anything more, so I just don’t even go there.  I’m wondering if things will change instantly or over time.  To so many people it’s just a technicality, but to me it’s a milestone, a turning point.  I can’t wait.  I bet I’ll be crying like a damn baby and completely incapable of articulating what the hell I’m crying about.

I’m babbling.  Idol sucks so far.  I’m so not excited about this season.

Tell me your divorce day stories.  Lurkers, you too!!


5 thoughts on “Coffee Table Talk

  1. I’m not divorced, so I have no story to share, but I am so happy for you! Freedom will be official at last!

    Congratulations on the coffee table! I am SOOOO proud of your bargain-hunting skills!

    Idol usually sucks. This year worse than most.

  2. I was amiably separated for years before my divorce. My ex finally moved it forward when he met someone he really wanted to get serious about. The real change in my life came when I realized that the new wife was stark raving mad and desperately wanted to become (and is still trying) my children’s new mommy. The state of madness that I now live in made me stop dating all together for a couple of years, disgusted as I was (am) about my ex-husband. I’m finally back to it, but only for fun. Nothing serious is possible right now.

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