Grammatical Over-Correction #3: Commas

This is my third post tonight. I’m going to stop after this and do something else like yoga or sleep.

I have a problem. I have chronic comma over-use syndrome. I need all of my fellow grammar Nazis to point out all of my over-use errors. I get sick of editing my posts and removing 900 unnecessary commas. Share your frustration because I know it kills you to read with all those damned commas all over the place.

I welcome your editing.


12 thoughts on “Grammatical Over-Correction #3: Commas

  1. Comma’s are our friends. I have the same problem with dashes. When I want to emphasize a point (comma) or add a pause (like now) (comma) I will add a dash in place of a comma. Not sure if it’s improper or not (comma) but so far (dash) no one has corrected me. Chances are they don’t know either.

  2. I embrace your commas! LOL

    I have an acquaintance who ABUSES ellipses to no end! Like this:

    I have ….. an acquaintance ….. who …… ABUSES ….. ellipses ….. to no end.

    And they’re only supposed to be THREE dots! Not five or ten.


    So, no, your commas are fine with me.

  3. I don’t recall you misusing commas, and I’m the kind of person who would be able to list the offenses.

    I can’t stand when people offset occupation with a comma that makes it seem like the person mentioned is the only one to have ever had the job.

    Incorrect: Misery is a work by the author, Stephen King.

  4. @ Bauer

    OK, reading that was painful with all the parenthetical punctuation. Thanks a lot!

    @ Katrice

    Ellipses over-use is an office-wide offense at my job. Dear God in Heaven!!! Yes, only 3 dots and only for missing text or an incomplete thought. Ellipses are NOT periods.

    I should post the email string of me and the other grammar Nazis in the office freaking out over a particular executive’s infractions!

    @ ~m~

    And I thought you were just being polite. Well, point out my infractions now. I think I type commas when I’m pausing to think of where I’m going with a sentence. That’s the only explanation I have for how frequently I have to delete them.

  5. You know, Lex, one of the reasons I am sorely tempted to start another, secret blog is so I can post about relatives with impunity.

    Flip’s brother suffers from commarhea, as I call it. Flip gave him my url once and he read one post and sent me an email suggesting that I get a copy of Strunk & White, which had been so helpful to him over the years. His entire email was punctuated with commas between practically every two words.

    And by the way, I have never noticed anything in your writing that I would change. I think you’re amazing.

  6. mine is the comma. followed closely by the semicolon and the em dash. why i am unable to just write succinct sentences is beyond me.

    and i’m a WRITER, ferfackssake!

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