I Found This in My Drafts…

I found this post in my drafts… I don’t know why I didn’t finish it, but I do want it posted.

Every now and then I read a post that really inspires me to the point that I have to piggy-back and add my own two cents. They are often Heartsinsanfrancisco’s posts. This time is no exception. This post has really gotten me thinking about change, evolution rather.

He has grasped one of the most difficult concepts of all, that we are meant to change our views, and that doing so does not make us disloyal to our former selves nor does it mean that we were wrong then.
It simply shows that the view is different from higher on the hill we all traverse in life, and this should be celebrated, for we get to encompass many different ways of being who we are during our years on earth.

What is more, to stubbornly adhere to the same ideas we once held keeps us stuck in time. It negates all our experiences that have followed the single moment when we developed a belief. “It’s my story and I’m sticking to it “ is a poor way to go through life.

I am finding that truer words have never been spoken, especially during my spiritual journey. You guys all know that I have come from a Christian upbringing. I was a pastor for 8 or 9 years. I can’t even remember now. That life is fading into the distance. I welcome its passing.

In the last year I have learned more about myself, about humanity, about God, about life and peace and love than I ever learned in 30-some years in a church. I don’t regret the time I spent there but I am thrilled to have made the choice to leave and not go back. Christianity doesn’t adequately represent what I believe about me, about life, about love, about God, about my fellow man. It will remain a significant influence on lots of my beliefs, but I would be hard pressed to consider myself a Christian at this point. I know that statement freaks the hell out of most Christians, but Christianity requires that I denounce other beliefs that I hold and that I embrace Christian ideas I have denounced. I think that means I’m not a Christian, right? And I’m cool with that.

It would be a poor way to go through life to have only experienced one religious perspective and stuck to it obstinately.


2 thoughts on “I Found This in My Drafts…

  1. This sounds familiar, but probably because we’ve talked about everything. I don’t think it makes you not a Christian. I think Christian simply means follower/believer of Christ. If you no longer believe or follow him, then maybe you are no longer a Christian. But I’ve said this about myself and it may also apply to you: just because I’m not a Christian according to other people’s measuring rods, does not make me un-Christian.

    People tag a lot of baggage onto Christ that he never authorized. People would have you believe you need to be a lot of things that Jesus wasn’t.

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