Five Days Left!

I am coming to the end of my last weekend as a married woman.  How exciting!  People are already offering their congratulations.  I love it when people get it.  This really is a great moment in my life.  And I had a T-Shirt made to mark to occasion.  I’m considering posting it but since it has my last name on it, I’ll think about it a little more before I do.  I’ve already mentioned it here before and was dumb enough to have it in my old URL, so it probably won’t matter.

I will, however, post pics of the post court celebration.  I’m certain I’ll still be wearing it (oh, dear–at least I hope I keep my shirt on).  I’m so excited.  If you’re a regular reader, please don’t be disappointed to come back all week and just read about how excited I am about my divorce on Friday. I won’t be talking about anything else.

I didn’t expect to amass the clan of spectators that I have.  That should be interesting.  At first I wanted it just to be me, my lawyer and my witness but, on second thought, if he has a bunch of family support I’m going to need back-up.  Tee hee.

My cousin said something to me about Friday and I started doing a little dance.  She said, “Wow, Lexi, you weren’t this excited about your wedding.”  Truer words…

Bye. I’ll be back to gush more as the week progresses.

Love you, Lovelies.


7 thoughts on “Five Days Left!

  1. You could tape something over your last name before you photograph the shirt.

    Soon you will taste freedom.

    By Social Distortion:
    Well, it’s been ten years and a thousand tears
    and look at the mess I’m in
    a broken nose and a broken heart
    an empty bottle of gin
    Well, I sit and I pray
    in my broken down Chevrolet
    while I’m singin’ to myself
    “There’s got to be another way”

    Take away, take away
    take away this ball and chain
    Well, I’m lonely and I’m tired
    and I can’t take any more pain
    Take away, take away
    never to return again
    Take away, take away
    take away
    take away this ball and chain

    Well, I’ve searched and I’ve searched
    to find the perfect life
    a brand new car and a brand new suit
    I even got me a little wife
    but wherever I have gone
    I was sure to find myself there
    You can run all your life
    but not go anywhere


  2. A bunch of friends came to my last court date on February 22. It was icy and sleeting all day. I can’t tell you how warming it was to have their supporting guffaws behind me as my ex’s lawyer made a fool of himself.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. If I didn’t have this house business to tend to, I would certainly be trying get my behind up there to celebrate with you! It looks like we’ll just have to have a second celebration, either here or there.


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