Three Days and Counting…

I took and online test today for anxiety, panic disorders and depression.  Do you know the damn thing had the nerve to tell me that I was LYING or that I didn’t take the test seriously!!!  What’s up with THAT?!?!?  That’s like your therapist telling you, “I know you’re feeling X.  Why don’t you just admit it?”  I was so shocked by that.  What’s up with this built-in expectation that we be stressed and depressed?  I am neither.  Thank you very much.  I was taking the test because someone I love is experiencing those symptoms and I wanted to understand for myself what they are, but that disturbed me.  I don’t want anyone caring for someone I love who is going to insist s/he isn’t well once s/he is.  That pisses me off.

But…can you guess why I’m not stressed and depressed?  No?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I’m getting divorced Friday!!!!!!  Whooo Effing Hoooo!

Peace, Lovelies!!


2 thoughts on “Three Days and Counting…

  1. Congratulations and it’s about f’ing time.

    I think we should be skeptical of those with a vested interest in our problems, ie realizing a nice annuity from them. They are not very likely to pronounce us “cured” when there’s more money to be had even though it speaks badly of their abilities to cure us.

    I am sooooo glad your long drawn-out divorce proceedings are about to end. Please celebrate safely, Sweetie!

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