Feel the Energy!!!

I just sent this email to my friends.  Can you feel the excitement?!?!  I can and I’m bouncing in my chair!

OK Guys, Listen!

I don’t have time to make some fancy-schmancy Evite — so deal with this email, OK?

I’m getting divorced TOMORROW!!!! I’m so excited I want bounce of the walls. I’ve been sitting at my desk singing, “Tomorrow, tomorrow. I love ya, Tomorrow. You’re only A DAY AWAY!!”

I plan to leave court and change my clothes and head over to XXXXXXXX’s Pub in XXXXX XXXXX (address was here). I have reserved a table for 20 at 6pm for all who would like come and help me celebrate my FREEDOM!! Whoooo Hooooo!!!

I know it’s short notice, but I don’t care. Make time to come and have at least one drink with me, K?

Otherwise, I am planning to have a big party party…but I’ll do that in tandum with my 35th birthday in June since I should have more money then and since some sticks in the mud might object to celebrating divorce (like I care!).

Let me know who’s coming so I can get a BIGGER table if needed. Not SMALLER because I expect to see your a$$es there!!

Got it?!?!




P.S. If you didn’t get this email and you think you should have — you are right!! So email me and I’ll send you the details.


One thought on “Feel the Energy!!!

  1. This e-mail was entitled “See You Tomorrow,” as I recall. What false hope was wrought in my heart as I exclaimed, “Lexi’s coming! Lexi’s coming!” Thinking you were hopping a plane to Dallas, my face sank as I read on and realized this was just FYI for me since I can’t get to DC tomorrow!

    But I’m okay now.

    And thrilled to death for you!

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