On A Lighter Note…

Thank you for all of your comments on my previous 2 posts, but now I must ground my feet to the earth again and talk about silliness.  Don’t want to lose my cynics!

I am traveling to Atlanta next week for work and hopefully to hang out with the great and wonderful Jali.  I am looking forward to doing some fun things in the ATL besides sitting around in bars getting drunk with my co-workers.  I’m so over my co-workers.  Have you noticed?  Any ideas?  I know I’m going to have super-long days, but I still want to take advantage of being in a great city.  Oh, and did I mention I have a limited budget?  No?  Well, I do.  So keep that in mind when you make your suggestions.

I took a yoga class last night and I really had a hard time with the Shavasana.  The pose is for deep relaxation.  The room is completely quite and still.  Everyone is focused on their breathing and you can’t hear anything at all.  But I had to fart—bad!  I was trying so hard to hold it in and I knew it was one that was not going to come out quietly.  Trying to hold it in and hearing my stomach rumble only made me want to laugh.  Needing to laugh in an inappropriate situation makes me pee.  Can you see that I was in trouble?!?!  I was so close to farting and peeing on myself simultaneously.  I was so glad to hear that damned gong to signal that that mess was over!  But right after the gong sounded, I swear the instructor farted.  Must have been all those forward bends and twists.

OK, Lovelies.  What shall I do in ATL?

12 thoughts on “On A Lighter Note…

  1. Girl you are brave! I would have had to leave the room!

    I have only been to the ATL once and that has been 16 years ago. You could say I don’t get out much LOL!

    Have fun though!

  2. That’s hilarious.

    I was running the other day and farted really loud. I thought I was all along in the woods, but I wasn’t. Nope. Two kids were playing not more then 10 feet from me. I just laughed.

  3. Depends on where you are in Atlanta. If you’re downtown, take a minute to at least walk into the Fox Theatre. Its a very cool theatre, and it had the premiere of Gone With The Wind. There are lots of restaurants on the same street (Peachtree) for a really wide range of prices. The Grape (several locations including at least one on Peachtree) is a nice winebar. Great hummos, too.

    Underground Atlanta is also fun – with lots of shops and restaurants. Its unique – built on “old” Atlanta that just happens to be underground.

    In Buckhead area, again lots of great restaurants and clubs, many very expensive, but still plenty of places for more reasonable prices. Also, great shopping – two malls, across the street from each other, very fun!

    And there is an IKEA near downtown. I’m not sure where you live, but here in Birmingham, when they opened the IKEA many of us made pilgrimages – we even rented a small moving van one Christmas (actually, the day after) to buy new bedroom stuff for my kids and drove it back that night. And we weren’t the only ones there with moving vans. Birmingham is not a mecca for cool, reasonably priced furniture.

    Oh! You must go the The Varsity! The Georgia Tech Institution. Been there forever – great hot dog joint. The writer Roy Blount, Jr. has written whole essays about The Varsity. Google him and The Varsity and see what pops up.

    There’s lots more – but I probably ought to do at least a bit of work!

    Have fun!

  4. Hi Mary!!!

    Welcome and thanks for all of the great recommendations. I spent every summer of my life in Atlanta as a child as, it is my mother’s home. But things have changed so much since then.

    I’ll be staying at the Hilton downtown, so I am will go into the Fox Theatre and check out the Grape. Wine and great hommus!! I’m in heaven.

    I’ve been clubbing in Buckhead at a cuban cigar bar–salsa dancing. Really cool. I doubt I’ll make it out there — can’t afford the taxi. But if I meet some folks who don’t mind providing transportation, maybe I’ll get out there.

    I remember the Underground! Wow! I was there the year it opened. Seems like a relic now. Somebody’s getting old!

    I saw the Varsity in December when I was in Atlanta — something else I’d forgotten about from childhood. Maybe I will go by there.

    IKEA will be the death of me. I have an addition to cheap cool stuff. I better stay away from there so that I have money for wine and hot dogs!


  5. I feel your pain! Once, when she was about 6, my now 14 year old Ikea loving daughter told my husband we could never live in a city that had an Ikea because “Mommy will spend all of our money.” And generally, I HATE shopping.

    I’m embarrased to say I didn’t think of this until later, listening to Terri Gross talking about the 40th anniversary of MLK’s assasination. if you haven’t been, the King Center is a must-see. If I remember right, there’s a walking civil rights tour that’s pretty cool – includes a home he lived in, a church where he preached, etc. I last did it with a child riding in a backpack on my back, so its been at least 15 years.

    Have fun!

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