Do Not Pick Up!

Today I changed someone’s contact name in my cell phone to “Do Not Pick Up!” since, according to the Verizon Wireless website, no wireless provider allows you to block individual numbers. WTF?

I keep all phone numbers I’ve ever had so that I don’t make the mistake of answering a call that comes in without a name, having mistaken a deleted contact for a first time caller.

In order to concretize the mind game, I am also changing other numbers I’m avoiding to Do Not Pick Up as well.  That way, I really won’t pick up, since I won’t be sure which person I don’t want to ever talk to again is calling.

I’ll distinguish the contacts like this (since I can’t have identical contacts)

Do Not Pick Up

Do Not Pick Up!

Do Not Pick Up!!

Do Not Pick Up!!!

It’s a master plan.



6 thoughts on “Do Not Pick Up!

  1. I’m SURE that’ll work out for you! I only have one person in my phone I never want to speak to again, and that’s the only reason she’s still there. So I’ll know it’s her.

    I hope you don’t run out of exclamation points. You’ll have to start putting them in the front.

  2. I can relate. I have ‘Do Not Answer’, ‘Creepy Guy from Plane’ ‘Annoying Rastaman’ and other such contacts in my phone. Its my company phone and the number is on my business cards.

  3. @ Chani

    Do you have a better suggestion…that doesn’t involve explaining why he’s an asshole and should never call me again?

    @ Katrice

    Sarcasm? I can’t detect tone. I think it WILL work out for me. You can think of one or 2 people who will get the treatment right away.

    I shouldn’t run out of exclamation points…there aren’t THAT many. Only this one and HER! They have the same birthday. Isn’t that funny? Maybe not since you have no clue who ELSE just got the ax. Tee hee.

    Dating is for young people. I’m too old for this shit!

  4. Love love love this idea! I will be updating my phone tonight because people are crazi, and they are always trying to bring me into their mess. Not no mo!

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