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I am on a quest to find the best city (or town, I suppose) to live and work.  I am sick of the ridiculous cost of living in the DC Metropolitan area.  I love my little spot in suburbia, but everything costs way too much.  Check it:

1.       Rent (1 BR Apt.) — 999.00

2.       Electricity — 200.00  

3.       Car Insurance –200.00

4.       Cable, Web, Phone — 165.00

5.       Gasoline — 180.00

6.       Gym Membership — 79.00

7.       Organic Groceries — 300.00


So, um, yeah–That only includes the basics (cable is debatable, I know), I haven’t even bothered to include debt, since that will be the same no matter where I move.  Move? Yes, move.  I’ve decided that now that I have a clean slate, have settled my legal matters and am sick of my toxic workplace, I’m ready to up and relocate.  And I need your help.


My picks, because I have friends and/or family in these places, are: Dallas, Atlanta or Charlotte.  I love Seattle and am really interested in Denver or Phoenix.  I need to hear from people out there in other parts of the country.  What’s the job market, cost of living and quality of life out there?  And please suggest other cities.


Here’s what’s important to me on the QOL tip:

1.       Nature: ideally mountains and lakes

2.       Organic food easily accessible

3.       Yoga studios

4.       Decent singles scene

5.       International airport

6.       Racial/Ethnic diversity

7.       Lots of ethnic food options

What’s out there!?!



4 thoughts on “Best City Search

  1. I’m with you on the expensive cost of living crap. I think it’s the same in the whole Northeast. NJ is one of the most expensive states to live in.

    I want to move to Boulder, CO. Check it out. It looks like it was put on earth so that I could live there. If only I had someone to sponsor this move.

  2. No mountains but is here in Atlanta. The airport is international and the population is pretty diverse.

    Here’s a salary guide:

    I haven’t researched the number of yoga studios, but coworkers take classes regularly. I have a great massage therapist and chiropractor (I know you didn’t ask, but so what!)

    There are cores of great culture, festivals and foods from all over the world. My own neighborhood features more fast food than anything else, but a 20 minute drive or about an hour using the bus and train will take me to whatever food I might be craving.

    The MARTA rail and bus system runs pretty much on schedule, but there’s no 24 hour service and taxis are expensive here.

    Whole Foods can be found here as well as various farmer’s markets, but only in certain communities.

    I’m unhappy with local radio – pretty much the same playlists – I miss the NYC stations. I’m sure you would miss the Howard U broadcasts.

    I used a $60,000 salary base for this calculation since I don’t know your income. The info is from a salary comparison calculator:

    The cost of living in Atlanta, GA is 27.4% lower than in Washington, DC. Therefore, you would have to earn a salary of $43,583 to maintain your current standard of living.
    Employers in Atlanta, GA typically pay 7.8% less than employers in Washington, DC. Therefore, if you take the same type of job in the same type of company in Atlanta, GA you are likely to earn $55,326.

    I would LOVE for you to move here!

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