Ready to walk those steps…maybe not, but still

Reality TV has made me very happy this week.  America’s Next Top Model named its first full-figured winner —  Whitney!  Um…yeah, she’s a size 8, but whatever.  She eats, so good enough.

And, American Idol fans finally got it right!  David Archuleta vs. David Cook in the finals.  Yes.  I am happy.  Maybe I can begin my sobriety now.

Or not.  Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen are heating up and … then Project Runway will start again.

My name is Lex and I’m a reality-TVaholic.

There.  I took the first step.

So now I’ll just hang out here a while until my favorite shows…are cancelled and out of syndication.


6 thoughts on “Ready to walk those steps…maybe not, but still

  1. i called it.
    i was talking to my friend last night before it all started, and he was like “who do you think will win?”

    so i told him that i thought fatima would go first, leaving it down to the blondes, where ultimately whitney would come out victorious.

    as soon as i saw her catwalk (that pink dress? fiiiiiiieeerce) i knew she was going to have it in the bag.

    yay whit! in all, i was very pleased with the whole thing.

    i’m missing hell’s kitchen due to salsa class. : ( i love that show.

  2. I love most reality shows, but my absolute faves are the aforementioned – Project Runway, ANTM, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen (although I would have fought that bama by now)and of course Design Star on HGTV. I guess the ‘reality’ on TV is a little more interesting than my own right now.

  3. Ha! You sound like my wife. All the shows she watches…and I suppose “makes” me watch too.

    I’d have to say Hell’s Kitchen is my favorite. Chef Ramsey is insane. I would not cross him in a kitchen with sharp utensils laying around.

  4. Capital letters coming up…

    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!! (shoobie-doobie-doobie-doobie-dance) is coming back on tonight. I won’t miss an episode of that.

    I was still jet-lagged and slept only 1 hour before going to work yesterday so I skipped the Idol finale and snored until this morning.

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