This is My Path

My Meditation Space

Last night I decided to create a mediation space in my apartment. I pushed my couches closer together and made room between my sunny yellow couch and my patio door. I bought a meditation pillow, a beautiful sari –style table runner, a little stand for my candle and a beautifully ornate box for other things I might need in that space. It is altogether lovely.

Creating this space was precipitated by me placing Post-It notes all over the apartment the day before that say, “Have you been still today?” Yes, it’s that bad. I really have to force myself to stop doing all the time and practice just being.

And, in the meantime, I’ve devised my master plan. I am going to move to Dallas and get a cheap 2 bedroom apartment (one for my bed, the other will be my yoga/meditation room), get a stress free job to keep me fed, while I write the national bestseller that I know is in me (somewhere), study integrative nutrition, philosophy, yoga and massage. Once the bestseller is fully realized I will travel the world discussing its themes and, back home, open a wellness center. This will be my life – helping others heal and become their best, enlightened, conscious selves.

This is my ideal life – doing what I can to restore balance to the world, one soul at a time – beginning with my own.


6 thoughts on “This is My Path

  1. Growing up the oldest of seven, I found that early morning and being out doors was the only peace I had. It seems to have carried over in my adult years. I find the peace of nature soothes my soul and helps to open up doors of tranquility.

    Sounds like you have a plan carved from within. Safe travels.


  2. I love your plan. I’ll buy a farm near your wellness center so that I can feed the hungry, work the earth, and stay grounded.

    Oh, I think I’m going to copy off of the meditation space. Right now I meditate in my living room in front of my TV (it’s not turned on, but still). Maybe I should make my office my meditation space.

    You’ve become an inspiration to me, you know. My life has been horribly stressed lately and I come here and read posts like this, and I feel like everything is going to be okay. Love ya.

  3. I, for one, am a fan of the plan!

    People can come to our cafe and mellow out to jazz, old school soul, and great food (grown by Deborah), and visit your wellness center to be quiet and reflective and healthy.

    Okay, so now we need Jali to come do some spoken word.

    Maybe we can make Heart responsible for the artwork.

    Sorry, where was I?

    Love it!

  4. Just beautiful, all of it.

    You have found your life’s purpose, and now it will manifest. You always had the power, and now you have direction, too.

    I will buy many copies of your book and would very much like to reserve my space at your wellness center, please.

  5. Gorgeous space! I was a little sad last night and after reading your post I finally know why.

    My house was full (son, his cousins and friends) when I came home from work last night and I didn’t get any alone time or peace until very late. I find that I need time for myself every single day. I’m going to copy you.

    I’m happy for you and I’m ready to visit you in Dallas.

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