My New Look!

I did it!!


I did it! I am SO thrilled with my new look. My head isn’t nearly as big as I thought it was.

I was so nervous before my appointment that I sat out in my car with India.Arie’s song I am Not My Hair playing on repeat. As she sang about all of the stages she went through: little girl with a press and curl, age 8- jheri curl, relaxer, breaking off… I knew I was doing the right thing.

All I have to do is shower, condition, rub some moisturizer through my hair and go! I absolutely love it.

More pics later…my all dressed up looks.

I’m 35 and finally back to my natural hair. It’s been a long road home.


13 thoughts on “My New Look!

  1. Hey there…I love your new look (Even though I dont know your old one) but I just recently chopped my hair off too!!! So congratulations!!!

    It looks great!

  2. I love it! Now your beautiful face is what everyone sees first, not The Hair.

    It takes real courage to come out from hiding and natural hair is not only soft and lovely, it fits your new lifestyle much better than a style that depends on products and implements.

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