A Quickie

What a week and a half!  Granny is in rehabilitation and they seem to expect her to be able to go home with assistance in a few weeks, depending on her progress.

Daddy was admitted to the hospital on Saturday with pneumonia and some other infection he picked up in the hospital that took up residence in his face!  He’s gone home now.

I’m exhausted of visiting hospitals.  I took a break yesterday and today.  I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

I took of from work today to catch up on things I didn’t get done this weekend.  A couple of things:

  1. Couldn’t live without internet at home, so I kicked Comcast out and had Verizon install internet and local TV.  I watched TV for all of 10 minutes this afternoon and turned it off because it was disturbing my peace.  My apartment has become my peaceful sanctuary since I stopped watching the tube.  I’m not saying I’ll never turn it on, but it was definitely an intrusion today.
  2. I had a Reiki treatment today.  Very interesting.  I felt very relaxed during and afterwards.  I took a 4 hour nap when I got home!  I never nap.  Some of her insights made me laugh (at myself more than anything).  Some stuff she hit dead on, man!  I’m still trying to interpret the experience.  When I’ve had a chance to sit with it and think it through some more, I’ll let you know my conclusions.
  3. I’m finally losing weight again!  I’ve been working with my holistic health counselor since November.  I’ve had periods of progress, but I get frustrated when my weight loss doesn’t happen like I want it to.  I refuse to diet in the traditional, restrictive sense, but my overall diet has changed so much since November.  Trader Joe’s and My Organic Market save my life!  I can actually tell that my clothes are fitting differently.  Finally!
  4. I hate my job.  I am almost ready to go work at well, not McDonald’s, but close.  It’s just that bad.  It’s the single solitary point of discontent in my life right now.  I am so happy and fulfilled in the rest of my world.  Why must work suck ass?!?!

That’s all for now.  Thanks for your kind words about my Granny!  She has been a hot mess without her filter.  Too funny.


3 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. Work sucks because of the group dynamics. At least that was always my experience. If it wasn’t for the people, I would have been fine. 🙂

    Glad your grandma is recovering. And your father, too!

  2. I can’t wait to hear about the Reiki.

    I’m glad your granny and dad are doing okay. You’ve had a few stressful weeks, huh?

  3. I’ve wanted to study Reiki for years but so far, it hasn’t happened. I would love to hear more about it.

    It is usually easier to find the perfect job while you are working at something else because it removes the desperation quotient. You have changed so much in your life. I know that this, too, will happen when the right one is ready to come into your life.

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