Another Take on Sarah, Bristol and Trig

Even if Trig is Sarah’s grandson…

Even if she lied to cover up her daughter’s pregnancy…

Even if the real pregnancy was last year, not this year…

Even if she went to heroic efforts post pregnancy to appear to be a superwoman…

Even if she is beautiful and inexperienced…

I believe people are only motivated by two things: love and fear.

So, I can understand a mother loving her daughter so much that she’d want to protect her reputation and take responsibility for her baby’s baby.  

I can understand the fear that the judgement of others that she may have shown herself would come home to roost upon her own child.

I can understand the fear of being judged as less than adequate because of being a woman, with the unique things womanhood calls us to — like giving birth and nursing.

I can understand loving a set of ideals so much that you’d defend them, even when they make you look hypocritcal when compared with your own reality.

I can understand loving the idea of women getting the chance they deserve in a male dominated society to prove that we are equal and capable and respectable, even when not the right woman for the task.

And while I can understand the motivations behind real and imaginary acts that may have led to an incredible set of circumstances– I disagree with her politics.  I disagree that she would be a capable leader for this country.  I disagree with the politics of her party.

Even though I understand that we have all been motivated to lie at some time or another by love and fear, I will vote for and strongly campaign on behalf of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The change this country needs is exemplified by the man who said that this woman’s personal family situation is “off limits”.  The change this country needs is the refusal to jump on the bandwagon and the rumor mill to mudsling through this political process. 

We have a choice about how we use our voices here in the blogosphere.  I choose to use mine to say, cool it!  There’s a 17-year old girl and and tiny baby boy with special needs whose lives will be affected by this — whose lives are being affected.  Even if mom is responsible in any way for this, we don’t need to contribute to it.

If you are interested in  and engaged in the banter about Trig’s maternity because you think it demonstrates your support for Barack — think again.  This mess is business as usual.  He is about change.  Hands off guys — let’s talk about politics and experience.  There’s fair ground.  And, in my opinion, there are enough facts right there to make one’s case against the GOP ticket without having to involve this mother’s fear or love for her children.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

What is change you can believe in?  What is the change we need?  It starts with me.  It starts with you.  We need to step up to the plate and examine our own contributions to business as usual.


8 thoughts on “Another Take on Sarah, Bristol and Trig

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I am absolutely disgusted by the unthinking, careless actions of certain bloggers on the left in response to the allegations swirling about Sarah Palin and her children.

    We all need to take a deep breath and get back “on message”.

  2. Wow! Yes! I don’t agree with her politics either – but things happen in families and turning it into the rather tawdry discussion I’ve seen over the past few days only makes “the other side” look bad. Obama was right. Families and kids should be off-limits.

    It’s a good reminder as to why I don’t get involved in US politics – even though I’ve posted about it a little bit this time.


  3. It’s ironic that some of the same people who turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton’s womanizing are so eager to vilify Sarah Palin for her family’s embarrassments.

    On the basis of her record as mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska, she and her politics terrify me, especially since McCain is the oldest person ever to run for President. But those of us who hope to elect Barack Obama owe him and ourselves the decency to keep candidates’ families, all of them, strictly off-limits, as he has asked us to do.

    If we truly want change in America, we need to treat others with respect and compassion, whether or not we like and agree with them.

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