Debate Party Tonight?

Debate Party Games!!

Debate Party Games!!

Are you looking for party games for your debate party tonight?  Try Palin Bingo!  It should be a hit.

I am meeting a friend for dinner.  I called ahead to make sure they’d be playing the debate at the bar.  But I really want to be at home live blogging the intellectual event of a lifetime.

Now, I was all anti-blogger mixing politics with family drama 2 posts ago.  But tonight is where it’s all fair game!  Will she be wired with someone feeding her answers?  No? OK.  If you say so.

I think I should start a pool to see how long it takes for her to “get back to” Gwen Ifill on one of her questions.


2 thoughts on “Debate Party Tonight?

  1. haha. my girls and i had a drinking game whereby whenever she uttered the words “also,” “executive experience,” and “maverick,” we would take a swig. we wound up pretty tipsy.

    double sips for whenever joe biden would flash his foxy smile at her (albeit condescendingly).

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