Old Friends

I have posts that I’ve thought of writing — even some I’ve started writing.  But actually I’ve been completely consumed by Facebook the last 2 days.  I’ve reconnected with a bunch of friends from elementary and jr. high school.  It’s been so cool.  I’ve been on Facebook for a long time, but none of the folks I was looking for were there.  Now, the 30 and over crowd is finally catching up.  So nice to talk to so many old friends.

Jr. High School is the only grade level I haven’t taught.  Kids are horrible in those years.  My friends and I were no different.  It’s really inspiring to reflect from a place of maturity upon our stupid factions and plain meanness.  We laugh at it now; many because they are parents seeing their children pass through the same stages in which we last knew each other.

One thing is true.  Human connection transcends time.  How can it be that — with so many people, so many life experiences, so many changes, so many years– it seems like we haven’t skipped a beat.  I love this about relationship.  I absolutely love it.


5 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Thanks to another schoolmate, I am becoming reacquainted with several Jr. high school buddies. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of them 😥 Some of them are truly blasts from the past.

  2. It’s so wonderful that we embody ourselves at all the ages we have been, and so we have a permanent connection to all those we knew at each of them.

    Just don’t be forgetting your blog buddies, Missy, or I may show up on your doorstep looking very stern.

  3. Face “crack” is wonderful and yet very addictive. While watching the last debate I was commenting on people’s constantly updating status changes – which were related to the debate. We’ve reached that place where watching TV and being online and communicating in the instant of a moment have collided.

  4. I don’t have any contact with a single friend from elementary, junior high, high school, or college.

    I feel really bad now.

    Plus, I was one of the kids that the popular group was mean to.


    I did reconnect with one friend from junior high and high school. We went out a few times and talked regularly for about a year. We jointly decided to blow off our 10-year high school reunion. Then he died in a car accident.

    Now I am officially depressed.

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