Lex emerges from the fog because McCain makes her ill.

I will readily admit that some of my personal ideology borders on socialism. I don’t mind that. But I appreciate a presidential candidate who says that he doesn’t mind paying a little more in his personal taxes, since he can afford it, so that 95% of the American population can experience a little relief from these tough economic times. What grates on my nerves worse than nails on a chalkboard is a presidential candidate who acts like the concept of “spreading the wealth around” is an absolute absurdity.

I made up my mind about supporting Obama during the primaries, but my disdain for McCain grows daily. Every moment he or his campaign utters a word I want to scream.

Am I the only one to hear McCain say that the way to save our educational system is to automatically put military service men and women in the classrooms when they are finished with their service WITHOUT them having to comply with state teacher certification requirements?!?! Excuse me?? What our public schools need are more unqualified teachers? See, this is where my cynicism kicks in because that idea is just too stupid to be anything but sinister. Let’s keep those who can’t afford private school unable to compete in a global market by giving them sub-par teachers. That’s what I heard. What about you?


3 thoughts on “Lex emerges from the fog because McCain makes her ill.

  1. That’s exactly what I heard. But what I *saw* disturbed me even more. McCain has an anger problem. The man could barely contain himself during the debates and was often heard sighing and shifting. He cut Obama off several times and is so out of touch that it’s ridiculous. This fool wanted an apology from Obama for that piece that connected him to George Wallace – but uttered no such apologies for the race baiting that Palin didn’t do anything about at their rallies. I haven’t felt this sick about a Presidential candidate since Reagan. And this excited about the other since Clinton. John McCain is boo-boo, but even worse is Michelle Malkin. I cringe when I think about the fact that people like her breathe the same air as me.

  2. I heard the same thing. And since I was watching the debate on Current TV, I know I heard right, because many others commented on it real-time.

    After the horrors of war, I think many service people need to come back from Iraq and have therapy first. Can you imagine the PTSD kicking in any quicker than in a public school?

  3. When I became old enough to vote and registered for the first time, I joined the Socialist Party, so I could well be the choir to which you are preaching.

    McCain could be dismissed as an old fool if he were not also evil and extremely dangerous. I have rarely heard of a more idiotic and frightening idea than bringing servicemen and women back from Iraq and dumping them in classrooms.

    Excellent point Katrice raises about PTSD, also.

    Obama is the first candidate in my lifetime who is genuinely dedicated to helping America and not to helping himself at our expense. Brethren, let us pray.

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