A few words on CHANGE, until I can say more

I am still not ready to write about my feelings about this election. I am trying to fully experience and fully understand all that I am feeling, all the implications without reducing them to words just yet.

With that said, however, I give you my new favorite website.

Participate in the change!

Participate in the change!

Change only began on Tuesday. Please continue to be an active part of bringing about the change we need in America. Find the issues that matter to you and make your voice heard. America is a country “of the people, for the people, by the people”, but the people must be involved. Participate. This Administration is asking to hear from you. Speak up!


One thought on “A few words on CHANGE, until I can say more

  1. I found and bookmarked that website a few days ago, although I haven’t yet written to it.

    It seems that we may actually begin to realize government of, by and for the people and can begin to reclaim our country and develop the kind of equality Lincoln tried to initiate so many years ago as well as an ethic of compassion in the world community.

    There is hope for us today.

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