Taking Care of Self

So tired!

I spent the whole day, 7 hours straight, training a room of sexual assault advocates for hospital accompaniment.  We spent a lot of time talking about the history of the movement, why we do this work, how to be present with a survivor, and, inevitably, self-preservation from vicarious trauma.

My most emphatic advice today was to a) always believe the survivor, unconditionally and b) take at least one hour DAILY to immerse yourself in something you love and that reminds you of the beauty and wonder of this world and that brings you peace — no matter what you have to do to make it happen!

Now that i’m back in the work I love — I have to take my own advice more than I ever have before.  I love blogging.  It brings me peace and you guys remind me of all that is wonderful and beautiful in this world.



One thought on “Taking Care of Self

  1. I’ve been feeling different this week; maybe it’s partly because I started letting myself have a minisiesta after work, as opposed to forcing myself to stay awake until bedtime.

    How do you work on self-preservation from vicarious trauma?

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