Arrogance and Privilege

I just finished reading the Blagojevich Affidavit — because that’s what I do.  It’s here if you want to read it.  The Senate seat stuff starts on page 56 if that’s all that interests you.

Is it really so hard for people to be decent human beings?

I said a couple of posts ago that I needed to do something daily to remind me of what is good and wonderful in this world.  My work – anti-sexual violence – brings me face to face with the world’s ugliness daily.  Not just by the heinous behavior of rapists, but also by the disgusting attitudes of individuals in the systems that do more to protect the rapists than the help the victims.  I’m inundated with this society’s saturation with misogyny at every turn.  And not just misogyny – all oppression is related.  There’s no way to separate sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism…it’s all the same.  Where you find one, the others are lurking close by.

Tonight I sat and read the entire Blagojevich Affidavit.  That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I say I need to focus on what is good and lovely and what brings me joy and peace.  That level of arrogance disgusts me.  And, while I am critical of folks like that – I know I have my own shit too.  We all do.  But damn!  Privilege is something else.  Yep.  I said it and yes,  I’ve brought it to this.  Because, let’s be honest, only the privileged can afford to be so arrogant and so wanton about it that even in the midst of all this illegal pandering he kept up – he was already strategizing his criminal legal defense and how to finance it!!  THAT, my friends is white male privilege at its finest.

I don’t hold anyone’s demographics against them.  But the reality is that privilege is something that you can’t walk away from – even those who wish they could.  But I do hold it against those who abuse power and trust to be assholes just because they think they can get away with it – and usually do.


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