Dallas for Christmas – Part 1

My friend is driving to Dallas from Maryland for Christmas.

I drove with him last year, but this year I’m flying and we’ll meet up there.

I just got a phone call asking where to pick up I-85.

I said in Petersburg.

He asks where that is.

I said just south of Richmond.

Him: Virginia?

Me: Yeah, where are you?

Him: You’re kidding me. I think we’re in Florida.

Me: Bwahahahaha – what the hell? You should never see Florida on the way to Texas.

He pulls over.  I get to the computer and route him from where he is to Dallas.

I contact Dallas to laugh about all of this and to proclaim that men need wives.

I am informed from Dallas that he has GPS.

Which he turned off.

Because it talks too much.

I guess he has the best kind of wife.



5 thoughts on “Dallas for Christmas – Part 1

  1. I just went through the same thing with older daughter who got lost between Northwestern MA and upstate NY, where she lives. She was on Cape Cod and in the course of a very long night, sampled both RI and NH in her travels. And possibly NJ. In a snowstorm.

    I tried to help from San Francisco with Map Quests and an actual paper atlas of the entire country.

    Maybe I’ll get her a GPS so she can turn it off in her travels.

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