My Cheeky Request obo A Wonderful Person

My friend Sonja is a beautiful wife and mother of two handsome boys.  She is 36 years old and has been battling breast cancer since February 2008.  She had surgery in July, which went well. A month later she began radiation, which lasted until October.  After radiation she was in the clear and was healing well, until recently.

Before Thanksgiving she went to the doctor with some breathing problems and severe chest pains.  The ER diagnosed inflammation of the chest wall.   Still in severe pain and not satisfied with the diagnosis, she had a second opinion with her regular doctor, who concurred without really running any tests and sent her home with pain killers.  Very proactive about her own health, because she rocks like that, she went to her oncologist and had them run CT and PET scans.  The PET scan showed more tumors throughout her body (neck, chest, spine, back and bones) and it is spreading rapidly.  So much so that at this point the only thing they can do is put her back on chemo to slow the spreading of the tumors to her organs.  She was devastated.  Her husband was devastated.  But she refuses to stop fighting. 

 Last week I got an email from her thanking her friends and family for their prayers and affirming her determination to “kick cancer’s butt in 2009!”  Here’s how she wants to do it and I am asking you to help me help her make this goal a reality:

I have decided to attend the 9th Annual Conference For Young Women Affected By Breast Cancer which will take place February 27 – March 1, 2009, in Dallas, TX. The Young Survival Coalition, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Komen for the Cure’s Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer is the only international event focused on the unique needs and issues faced by young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.  This one-of-a-kind event features educational programming focused on every phase of a young woman’s breast cancer journey: from recent diagnosis, to treatment, to living with advanced breast cancer to post-treatment – and years beyond.  This will become my “ground zero” to help me understand how I can be a better advocate for awareness both locally and nationally.

 This year the conference received overwhelming requests for scholarships which they were not able to fund; therefore I am seeking help from you to help sponsor me for this awesome conference.  

 My goal is to raise the needed $600; no later than January 30, 2009.  This money will pay for my flight, my conference fee, and the two-night hotel. 

 I have made an initial contribution and, believe me, if I had it all to give to her I would and I wouldn’t be asking your help.  Anything you can give will help her get closer to her goal.  I am inspired by her Spirit and want to make sure she reaches her goal.  Please help by donating here.

 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.




2 thoughts on “My Cheeky Request obo A Wonderful Person

  1. Each day I get a verse of the day sent to my work email address. Sadly, I don’t read the email everyday because I get about 100 emails a day, and the personal ones slip through the cracks. Needless to say, yesterday’s and today’s verses were about loving your neighbor, and about what it means to really love as Christ calls his people to do. Your candor and initiative are what loving one’s neighbor is all about. Thanks for sharing and for giving the rest of us a chance to be good neighbors. Each one teach one, right?

    Good luck to your friend.

  2. Your friend Sonja has my hopes and prayers for a complete recovery. My mother and her mother both had breast cancer, my mother twice, and both recovered from it. But as Sonja stated, the needs of young women affected by this dreadful disease are different in many ways and I do hope that she is able to get to the conference, both for her own benefit and because she will be a beacon of hope for many others.

    Thank you for telling us about her, Lex.

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