I’m not used to feeling helpless.  I don’t like feeling helpless.  I believe that we have considerable power over our own lives.  And I cherish my autonomy over my own life.  I honor others’ autonomy over theirs.  But sometimes, we feel like we know what is best for someone else.  Most of the time I’d say, fuck everybody else, do you.  But when it’s a life or death situation – I feel helpless when I can’t save someone who I think needs to be saved.  I am no savior.  I have no right to want to control someone else’s will.  I will patiently respect this person’s right to make her own decisions.  I will struggle to release my attachment to the outcome I want.  I hope she’ll be ok.


One thought on “Catharsis

  1. This is difficult. We watched a family member make different decisions about his health than we would have made, and they eventually cost him his life. It was painful. But all we could do was be as supportive as if he had made choices we agreed with.

    Hopefully the situation you’re referring to isn’t as dire as this one.

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