Live Blogging: SuperStorm 2010

5:57 pm

Snow has finally stopped. Thank God.  I am babying my body as much as I can because I am so not done with the shoveling.  I’m done for today though.  I don’t know the last time I’ve been this tired.

3:42 pm

Ugh!  24 inches and counting.  It is still snowing!  My effort last night to stay ahead of the game meant nothing when I woke up this morning.  After 2 and a half hours I am not even halfway done clearing the driveway.  The sides where I’m throwing the snow are almost taller than I am — which makes tossing displaced snow really, really hard.  My arms hurt.  I’m tired.  I just ate — I was starving.  Did I mention it’s still snowing?

Some idiot family got pulled over by police for driving their SUV dragging their kids behind it on sleds!  Really, people!?!  Are you fucking insane??

I need a warm drink, a hot shower and some restorative yoga.  That’s my plan for the moment.  I’ll be back.

2/6/10 – 1:04 am

I’m sore already.  This can’t be good for tomorrow.  In my brilliant master plan, I am awake at 6am, knocking out round two.  In reality, I just took bags of frozen peas off my knees and feel my biceps tightening up as I type.  I look forward to more pretty shots of the snow, like the ones I took of this weeks’ earlier snow.  I am not looking forward to any more shoveling.  I think I’m about to turn in.  I leave you with sunny pics from Wednesday.

10:46 pm

First round of shoveling is complete.  Whew!  This is much heavier than the last 2 snows, folks.  I highly recommend doing it in batches and not waiting until Sunday.  After completing the walkway, driveway and sidewalk….there were 2 inches of snow on the ground covering my work.  But still, I’d rather that than trying to move 24 to 30 inches at once.  And the DirectTV thing?  Thanks to friend of a Fb friend, Keisha’s advice to wipe gently with a towel.  WE. ARE. BACK. IN. BUSINESS.  Whoo hoooo!!!  I was worried I was going to have to walk somewhere to watch the SuperBowl!  Pics coming.  Stay tuned.

Oh, Chardonnay is now um…thawing…because I sorta forgot about it in the … ehem… freezer.  Yeah.

Before the first pass of the driveway there were about 6 inches on the ground.

This is what it looked like as I got started. It didn't stay that clear for long.

One hour later, just as I finished the first pass

9:25 pm

Chicken chili in the tummy.   About to put some clothes on and go out and show this first round of snow who’s boss.  A friend of a friend on Fb suggested wiping the dish off gently with a towel.  Dad “cleaned” it off the 1st time.  No telling how.  We’ll give it a shot and see if I can get some TV going up in here.  If not, they will hear my beats for the rest of the night.

8:14 pm

I haven’t been out to shovel just yet – doesn’t seem like there’s enough snow on the ground to make it worth it.  Blizzard like conditions are supposed to happen after 10pm.  We’re expecting 12 inches between midnight and 6 am.  My goal is to get up whatever is down by midnight and then hit it first thing in the morning.  3 shifts should do it, I’m hoping.

Meanwhile, DirectTV bit the dust by 4:30.  Useless bastards.  I am watching the live feed of WUSA TV 9 on my laptop.  Chicken chili is simmering on the stove.  One ice cold (wimpy) beer on board.  Chardonnay chilling in the ice bucket in the freezer.  I did receive the instructional DVD for my new djembe today.  Mwahahahahahaha!  My poor, poor ‘rents.

4:37 pm

The snow started around 1pm, but it was too warm for anything to stick.  Here are the first shot I took.


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