SuperStorm 2010

It’s been a very long time since the DC area has had as much snow as we’re having this year.  I admit that I love the snow and I love being employed at places that, for the most part, are inclined to shut down for inclement weather.  I have had a couple of terrible accidents in the snow and ice, so driving in this weather comes with its share of anxiety for me — but that part is getting better.  But this season’s snow is a bit of a different experience (whine warning!), here’s why.

When I was a kid, my brother, my dad and the kids in the neighborhood took care of the shoveling, car digging out, driving to rescue stranded family members business.  I was on chili, homemade soup, homemade hot cocoa duty.  I liked my duties.  Actually,  I loved them.  Our snowstorm rations as kids always involved the 12 pack box of Hostess Donuts (powdered, cinnamon powdered and plain).  The 3 plain ones were mine.  Everyone else could fight over the rest.  They were perfect for dipping in the cocoa I’d make from Dutch processed cocoa powder, real vanilla extract and whole milk.

When I got married, I don’t even know that we owned a shovel.  I guess we did.  Or maybe we bought one during that crazy snowstorm when I walked a mile for donuts (because it wasn’t a snowstorm without them), just to turn around and go back to the house and a mile in the other directions since the stores in the 1st direction were out.  The only car we had at the time was my 1996 Mustang GT.  Um…yeah.  A no-go in the snow!  Anyway, there was at least a foot of snow that time and I’m guessing Ex shoveled it because I certainly did not.

During the separation and divorce, I lived in an apartment.  The complex cleaned off the steps, cleared the sidewalk and parking lot and even dug our cars out if we really needed to go somewhere.  All in a days work for those guys.  Are you seeing where this is headed?

A year and a half ago I moved back in with the folks so that I could pay for school without having to take any more student loans.  I’m still here.  In the blizzard.  There’s no rental office and therefore no maintenance crew.  My dad has checks in the boxes in front of just about every chronic disease, not to mention arthritis in his hips.  Mom has arthritis and torn rotator cuffs  – and, even if they didn’t have these health issues, they’re in their mid-sixties.  The shoveling is up to me. I don’t mind having to do it.  I do mind having to do it so MUCH!  Seriously, this snow is beautiful.  But it’s WORK.  What do you folks in Colorado do?!?  My dad gets out there and usually knocks out the first round.  But he’s a wreck afterwards.  He also shovels after sundown. Yeah, I don’t get that.  It’s way too cold.  I prefer the extra help of the sun.  But this storm is going to require that we stay on top of it.  I just might be doing some moon light shoveling tonight. Shoot me now.

Blizzard warning is in full effect.  20-30 inches expected.  Fridge is stocked. I’m tempted to make one more beer run since I’ll surely be snowed in through the SuperBowl.

What’s worse?  The DirectTV guy basically told us, “look, it’s going to go out!”  Fan-tastic!

So, since I’m not eating dairy, transfat,  too many refined sugars or processed foods – I’m snowed in with tons of fresh vegetables to roast (my new obsession), good dark chocolate, brown rice in abundance, raw cocoa powder, hemp milk, plenty of whole foods to make just about any homemade loveliness I can think of.  I am excited about the feasting possibilities — except that this shoveling marathon is pissing on my party.  Big time!

I may liveblog and post pics of the storm to amuse myself.  We shall see.

Stay warm and off the roads folks.

Happy Blizzard!


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