Oreos are Brown

Happy new year!

I’m going to blog this year.  I love it and I miss it and I don’t care who finds out what about me and my life because I write it here.  So, there’s that.

And, Oreo’s are brown!  That statement has inspired me to blog again.  My friend posted, on Facebook, a question to settle a debate between herself and her husband about Oreos.  Black or brown?  On her status, brown won.  On mine, black is winning.  It’s all about perception.  As completely 100%, unwaveringly convinced as I am that chocolate Oreo’s are brown (DUH!), there are those who are convinced that they are black.  Perception is your reality.  And that inspired me to write again.

I attended a panel discussion today with youth from Baltimore.  It was an interfaith discussion about peace in honor of MLK Day and an effort to gain understanding and identify common ground among youth from different religious communities in Baltimore.  On the panel sat 3 Jewish youth, 1 Jewish youth with a Catholic father,  3 Christians, 1 Buddhist, 1 Muslim from the Nation of Islam.  It was a fascinating discussion to behold among a generation, I can only hope, will do a better job of respecting differences among faith traditions than my generation has managed to do.

That discussion, accentuated by the Oreo discussion, has solidified my belief in the hokiness of anyone’s claim to have cornered the market on absolute truth.  My eyes were opened tremendously to the Jewish religious perspective.  I have learned, if nothing else, that I have been a fool to allow Christians to define Judaism for me.  I hadn’t realized that this had been the case until recently — sitting in a service, listening to a minister who claimed to be open to all faith traditions who, actually, painted Jews with the old, familiar, anti-Semetic brush of the Christianity I know so well.

Life is a journey of discovery.  It is a discovery of Self and a quest for the meaning behind all that is.

Peace and blessings to everyone along that journey.



6 thoughts on “Oreos are Brown

  1. I’m so happy you’re blogging again! I’ve missed you. (Oreos are brown.:)

    I was very taken with your statement that you will no longer allow Judaism to be defined by Christians. I had never thought of that, but I think it’s true that every group is defined by non-members, and that is always wrong. Everyone should be allowed to speak for him/her self, and insist upon doing so as outsiders, no matter how sympathetic, can never know the truths of any religious or cultural group and can only make assumptions.

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