I, like, love love it.

I’m going to set my goal at posting at least once a week.  I think I can keep up with that pace.

Hi, y’all! Let’s see…what’s going on with me.

I have had 2 of the most amazing weekends ever back to back.  The first, I spent in New York with a group of beautiful women who have learned the magic of allowing their creativity to be the path of their own healing and liberation.  The second was in an experiment in co-creating a body of work that was performed Sunday as a staged reading.  I “know” the power of the creative process.  I guide others to their creativity as a means of healing the Self but, if I am honest, expressing myself creatively has terrified me for — probably my whole life.

I don’t know when I learned that art had to be good or right or perfect or better than someone else’s but I learned it.  I internalized it and nothing I ever did (sing, play an instrument, dance, draw, write) was ever good enough and certainly never good enough to share with anyone (says the blogger with 3 blogs and over 500 posts).  Blogging was a huge leap of faith for me that came more out of necessity than confidence.  I had all these things in me that I had to get out and I was sure my friends got sick of hearing me talk about it all.  Still, I never post anything I would consider “creative” writing here.  Hardly ever, probably never.  I just didn’t think I had anything good enough to share.

This month, though, I have entered spaces where all of me was acceptable and  even honored, where everyone’s voice mattered and where there was room enough for everyone’s story.  It has been absolutely amazing.  I wrote 3 pieces that were performed in a staged reading along with the work of 11 other beautiful, wonderful, inspiring women.  I know I have exorcised some demons, for sure.  But not only have I found some freedom from some shadows, I have also found freedom to keep it going.  I have found the freedom to accept that there is no “right” or “wrong”.  Art is.  Period.  And it speaks the truth like nothing else can.

I have learned a process or two for tapping into my creative self but, more than anything, I have learned that I can trust myself to develop my own process.

This morning, I woke up and turned on my favorite playlist and danced my ass off.  Was it pretty?  Who the hell knows and who cares!  It put me in such a great mood and boosted my energy level to the point that I didn’t event think about a morning cup of coffee.

Finding my voice was but the first leg of this journey.  Trusting it to express itself as it sees fit is the next.

If you stay tuned, you’ll see a lot more of my “work” instead of just my rambings as I build the confidence to share it with you guys.  I’m excited.

P.S. – I kinda love being on stage.  Like, love love it.


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