I Don’t Ask for Much

I remember working at a small start-up charter school in DC back in 1999-2000. I was married and Ex and I were trying everything in our power to get pregnant. I was stressed out about the possibility of not being able to have children and teaching elementary school wasn’t helping matters any. I always seem to find myself in the middle of pioneering ventures and all of the stress that goes along with them. This school required very long hours and the students were not exactly in a charter school by choice — many had been kicked out of their public schools for behavior problems. It reached a point where getting up in the morning to go work was depressing. My mood would start to change by 3pm on Sunday afternoon in anticipation dread of the week ahead. When I reached the point of bursting into tears when my alarm clock sounded in the morning, Ex and I both decided that enough was enough — and I quit.

While I am not yet to the point of bursting into tears when the alarm sounds, I am very much in a similar place with my current job. I am so happy and excited about all other areas of my life, but work is the one thing in my life that brings me discontent. I hate that I feel like it takes me out of myself. I am not the person I want to be when I’m there anymore because I am just so miserable. In a nutshell, I have made very deliberate choices to rid my life of toxic, dysfunctional relationships. I don’t expect and do not intend to tolerate the dysfunction of someone who seriously needs to be medicated in my professional life. I spend too many hours a day at my job to have to wonder what kind of mood he’s going to be in today. I gave up tip-toeing around dragons a long time ago. I’m at the point of wanting to work at the car wash up the street so that I can eat until I find another job. It’s just that bad.

The first question people always ask me when I talk about changing jobs is, “Lexi, what do you want to do?” I want to not be defined by my job! I want to work in a peaceful environment that allows me to use my talents in a way that brings me joy and makes a difference to the others I touch. Honestly, I just want to get paid for doing something I enjoy. Will somebody please pay me to write and learn and share what I’ve learned with others? May I please have a job where I can predict when I’ll get off each day and still have enough daylight to be outside and connect with nature and find my peace in the evening’s breeze? Is that too much to ask?

I am capable of living a very simple life. I don’t require much, in fact, I probably already have more than I need. I am fighting the urge to pack up my apartment and load it all into a storage unit and march off with one backpack to this place for the next 6 months so that I can find peace from the effing rat race and chart out my path. I just want peace. I want to live in a world that values serenity and wellness more than getting…MORE. Greed is really annoying me right now. It shouldn’t cost this much to live in a box. It shouldn’t cost this much to eat healthy food. It shouldn’t cost this much to put gas in my car to get to work. It shouldn’t be so hard in this country for a person to make an honest living from their gifts, talents and life’s passion.

Something is terribly wrong.

Hookie – Dumb TV – Dumb Americans – Passports

I didn’t go to work today because I like 3-day weekends and because I had shit to do. I had to go get a new driver’s license and social security card in my real name so that I can renew my passport, which is already in my real name. It was a record. I finished at the MVA and SSA in less than an hour TOTAL! I know. The heavens are smiling upon me.

I also watched about 20 minutes of the most disgusting show on cable — The Millionaire Matchmaker. It is the epitome of all things whack, shallow and moronic about this materialistic capitalist culture that’s driving me insane in America. I couldn’t take it after her tirade about straightening curly hair and getting extensions because that’s all “they” want to see; they want something they can run their hands through — no Brillo. No Brillo?!?!? And she was talking to a curly-haired white woman. So this was gold-diggers meet millionairs ISO gold-diggers. It was disgusting. But to each his own, I suppose. (That’s supposed to negate the judgment I chose to express in the previous sentence.)

So, I have a question. Do you have a passport? If so, tell me about your stamps. I have only had mine stamped in Argentina and Chile. All other countries I’ve visited didn’t require passports for US citizens. But the times they are a’changin’, so get one if you haven’t already.

Where have you traveled?

Stop Heckling Me Repeat Post Poster!!

Since I’m being heckled from the peanut gallery for not posting, I’m posting today.

Hi Lovelies,

I’ve been busy this week trying to have a normal schedule.  Sunday I made as many dishes as I could with the raw fresh produce I bought because I felt like I needed to detoxify my system from my week in Atlanta.  It’s really hard to eat healthily on the road so I’ve be cleaning out this week with fresh veggies, fresh fruit smoothies and lots and lots of water.  I’ve been trying to go to bed on time and get up in time to have some me time in the morning and have breakfast before leaving at 6:40am.  I have also been trying to finish reading some of the books I have going right now so I can move on to others on the stack.

All that leaves…not much time for blogging.  I have been reading you guys though, and I’ll be back soon to share my thoughts on the stuff I’m reading and where my little life seems to be taking me these days.

Stay tuned!  I’ll try not to be such a slacker.


P.S.  I was on the phone with a graphic designer at work today, and all of that fresh produce came to roost in the middle of a sentence.  I had this monster urge to go to the potty, complete with cramping.  I had to mute the phone so he wouldn’t hear me cussing and I tried to hold it all in until we finished the call.  I was jumping around at my desk like an idiot.  I needed to finish the call and when I went back to talking, the guy was like, WTF?  He thought I dropped the phone or something.  I know you guys love to hear about my bodily functions, that’s why I share.


What the hell is up with this new Dashboard?  I can’t find anything!